@InternityTVShow Is The Best Medicine For Television via @tdmiller820917 @realJoeyAdams

I am the forgotten viewer. I am the viewer that advertisers ignore. Why? Because I am too “old.”

I am fifty years old. I am not ashamed to tell my age. I have lived my life, collected memories and the scars of failure. I am grateful for my experiences. I am a survivor.

But advertisers ignore me because I fall outside of the coveted television audience. Do they not realize that I want to see ingenious, well-written and intelligent television? Do they not realize that I want to see talented actors who have collected their own memories and their own scars of failure yet used these experiences as tools to enhance their craft?

Television writer Joey Adams hasn’t ignored the television viewer like me. Adams is the creator of Internity, a show ready to embrace viewers of all ages. Internity is the story of a middle-aged divorced woman who pursues her dream of becoming a doctor. She is an intern at a Portland hospital where her boss is a much younger doctor. The charm in Internity is that main character is an older woman. She has lived her life as a wife, collected memories and the scars of failure. Yet, she is courageously embarking on a new threshold of her life.

Internity will address hot button issues like ageism and sexism. But an added bonus for this show is it won’t take itself too seriously. Calling itself a dramedy opens the door for endless creative wonderment. Comedy and drama can gloriously collide to the delight of the viewer. Dream sequences can welcome guest actors from the sci fi genre. Further, the show can utilize the vocal talents of its main cast to tell a story (I’m looking at you, Julie McNiven!)

Along with creator Joey Adams and Julie McNiven, Internity includes a powerhouse cast of gifted actors: Marina Sirtis, Jim Beaver, Carla Jimenez, Richard Ruccolo and Michael Dorn.

Internity is the best medicine for television.

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