@JodieSweetin Shines on #DWTS via @stacyamiller85 @DancingABC

My favorite night of competition on Dancing With The Stars aired on Monday, the Memorable Year performances.  These are the dances where the celebrities put their emotions as well as their dancing talents on public display.

There were many standout performances last night but my favorite was Jodie Sweetin.

I have loved Jodie since she played moppet Stephanie Tanner on Full House, a role she has reprised on Fuller House. Her abuse of alcohol and drugs is well documented, but to hear Jodie talk about it in her own words and how her feelings of self hatred lead to her downward spiral was heartbreaking.  Her contemporary routine was an ode to anyone who has ever felt the same. Sweetin delivered a beautiful performance.

It’s often said that we are our toughest critic, with no one as hard on us as we are ourselves. Feelings of worthlessness lead to dangerous and destructive behavior. Jodie Sweetin faced some dark days, but like the Phoenix, has risen from the ashes. She has returned to the role that made her a household name and now is showing her dancing prowess. I hope Jodie will never again feel self hatred and know she’s loved by millions.

In this writer’s opinion, Jodie Sweetin is a top contender to take home the coveted mirror ball trophy.

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