@LuciferonFOX Recap: #TeamLucifer from @kleffnotes

Last night’s Lucifer was possibly the most devilish episode of the season so far. Primarily because there were actual Lucifer worshipers. Now let’s get to the hellish hi-jinks from the first half of the weekly The Nerdy Girl Express #DevilsNight live tweet.

The episode opens on a ritual sacrifice, people in robes are standing over a woman in white, while initially it looks like everything is alright, if not a bit demonic, things go south pretty quickly when the girl is alone with her boyfriend. Lucifer and Maze are trying to figure out just what can hurt Lucifer through a pretty intense game of knife darts, or maybe it’s called pin the knife on the devil. Nothing seems to hurt him, though we do learn that if Maze uses her Hell forged blades that he will actually get hurt, until Lucifer trips on the steps near his bed. Turns out Chloe was walking in the room when he tripped so it definitely is Chloe that makes him mortal. The detective insists that Lucifer help her with a case that seems tailor made for him. At the crime scene a crowd is gathered insisting that Satan is here and the preacher that Lucifer revealed himself to earlier this season is leading the charge.

preacher lucifer

Lucifer is upset when he sees the scene because he would never ask people to kill for him. This leads to an intense investigation into Lucifer worship that’s been going on throughout the city. This sends Chloe and Lucifer down a very goat themed path, which also includes Lucifer revealing himself to the cultist guarding the door as a group of satanists mourn the dead girl. There are body modifications, secret rooms, and a reference to blonde comic book Lucifer, which make this episode wonderfully intriguing. Malcolm also reveals to Amenadiel that Lucifer told him that he can’t harm him because he’s an angel. This enrages Amenadiel, but it’s also a lot more complicated than it first appears when Malcolm declares himself #TeamLucifer.

malcolm lucifer

Lucifer tries to use Trixie to learn if Chloe is secretly an angel in disguise sent to kill him, she totally doesn’t have wing marks so that’s out, unless she’s secretly a werechihuahua. Dan and Chloe start thinking Lucifer might be behind the murders, but something extra crazy happens. Maze and Amenadiel have been hooking up, but Lucifer has insisted that she kill his brother for trying to have him killed by Malcolm. This culminates in the worst moment of pillow talk ever, followed by an intense bro fight between Amenadiel and Lucifer.


The end is a bit of a shocker and it looks like next week is going to be absolutely amazing. Trixie plays a key role and someone has escaped from Hell. I’m sad that the show is already ending for the season next week, but we do have a second season to look forward to.

Share your Lucifer thoughts with us in the comments or on Twitter, @thenerdygirlexp. You can find me on Twitter, @kleffnotes, and join me and Erica, @quietlikeastorm, next Monday at 9 pm for the final Lucifer and Damien #DevilsNight double feature of the season. You can also find me on my blog, kleffnotes.wordpress.commy kleffnotes YouTube channel, I run The Nerdy Girl Express Snapchat, thenerdygirlexp, and I post iZombie themed recipes on the iZombie Support Group site.

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