The Long Wait Is Almost Over for #Reign via @stacyamiller85 @MoreReign @AdelaideKane @Meg_Follows @CWReign

It seems like forever since viewers have seen the royal political drama that is The CW’s Reign.  The last new episode aired in January.

But fear not Reign fans, the show returns on a new day this Monday, April 25 at 8:00PM. This is the time slot previous occupied by Crazy Ex-Girlfriend which ended it’s season on April 18.

Season 3 of Reign has seen a whirlwind of changes for the young queen Mary (Adelaide Kane).  Her husband and king Francis (Toby Regbo) has died and she’s been forced to make tough decisions for the good of two kingdoms, France and Scotland.  Additionally, she has formed an alliance with former rival and nemesis Catherine (Megan Follows).  In fact, these two queens have become partners in crime on more than one occasion to the delight of fans who enjoy the scenes between Mary and Catherine where Kane and Follows remarkable chemistry ‘reigns’ supreme.

The good news for fans of Reign is that The CW has already renewed the series for another season.  Which means that in addition to seeing the exciting conclusion to the current season, viewers can look forward to more from this intriguing historical fantasy next season.  This is one court where the justice may not always be fair for the characters but the judges (the viewers) have delivered a guilty verdict – Reign is their number one guilty pleasure!

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