@OrphanBlack Recap: Transgressive Border Crossing from @kleffnotes

This week’s episode of Orphan Black started in a blaze of fire, seriously there was a huge fire. Beyond that we got more Beth scenes, some body mod/neolution madness, and lots of very emotional sestra moments. Find out all those details and so much more in my recap.

We started this week right where last week ended with Sarah rushing to get Kira ready to move from their Icelandic hideout. Though Mrs. S thinks they should slow down, Kira’s magic danger sense alerts them that people are coming. As only Siobhan can, she burns everything down, sadly this includes Kira’s monkey. Now with the flashbacks aspects of the show some things are nonlinear this season so I might get slightly out of order. It turns out that Cal is still gone, something is up, but Sarah hasn’t explained it to Kira yet, which means we haven’t learned what happened either. We see the new lab, which is hidden in the basement of Rabbit Hole Comics. Seriously the new lab is in a comic book store, so awesome! Cosima and Scott have been working on the science, but with Kendall back they can take more samples. Mrs. S is worried about Cosima, but she insists that she can’t start a new therapy now.


Alison is very busy with her new position as school trustee, but with Helena living with her and Donnie there is even more going on. Helena has a doctor’s appointment and Donnie takes her, under the disguise of Alison. While there we learn that Helena is pregnant with not one, but two babies and it was so sweet. Donnie was so happy and excited and Helena really wants to tell Sarah that she is pregnant with identical twins. When Donnie shows the ultrasound to Alison she insists that it doesn’t bother her that Helena is pregnant, but she seems very worried about what will happen to the babies. She also makes up the word manslaughterers to distinguish between the murders she and Donnie have committed in relationship to Helena’s murders. You can tell that Alison is really torn about Helena being pregnant, Donnie though seems really excited.


While everyone was gone, Felix has been doing something on his own. It turns out that Alison knows what he’s been doing and thinks that he needs to tell Sarah. When his sister comes to see him, while they are looking for information at the Neolution club, he tells Sarah that he is looking for his birth family. Sarah and Art are investigating Beth in an attempt to learn what she was up to before she died. This portion also involves a lot of flashbacks. We see Beth meeting with the dirty Neolution cop, dirty as in not a good guy not as in unclean, in her home and later putting on a blonde wig and leaving with a gun. Art sees Beth leaving and coming back with the gun and when we jump back and forth between timelines we see that Beth returned covered in blood and that MK, who Beth called Mika, was waiting for her. After cleaning up Beth tells MK to look after the others and leaves, even though MK tells her that she needs her. What we saw tonight were the moments leading up to Beth’s death.


Back in the comic book shop lab, Scott learns that Kendall has leukemia, but she swears him to secrecy. I knew finding her wouldn’t suddenly make everything easier. We also got a super heartbreaking scene between Mrs. S and Cosima. No one has any news about Delphine and Cosima desperately wants to know if she is alright. Mrs. S can’t tell her anything, but tries to comfort her. Sarah also has her first long talk with Mika where they discuss the super creepy maggotbots, which will destroy the host if you try to remove them yourself. After she gets off the phone the gravediggers appear and push her to the ground and check her cheek. This leads Sarah to panic and immediately go to the new safe house. She insists that Mrs. S check her cheek, she’s also worried that Kira has one, but Mrs. S sends Kira to bed before they check her, and when they shine a flashlight in her mouth we see the terrifying wriggling of a maggot.


Those maggots are creepy, seriously I keep checking my cheeks even though I haven’t come in contact with any Neos, well at least I don’t think so. Neolution seems even more evil this season and I am freaking out about their implications in everything. I’m really enjoying the Beth inclusion this season and I am excited to see what more we will learn from her flashbacks. I though am worried about Felix. I think that his journey of self discovery is going to lead us farther down the rabbit hole into something dangerous.

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