.@OrphanBlack Crazy Science @IDWPublishing Review from @kleffnotes

Get excited Clone Club because our favorite couple is back! Orphan Black debuts the first issue of their new IDW series Crazy Science tomorrow and that means more Cophine. This series focuses on Cosima and Delphine’s adventures to cure the remaining clones and to just keep making that crazy science together. Continue reading “.@OrphanBlack Crazy Science @IDWPublishing Review from @kleffnotes”

Interview with @vas_saranga from @OrphanBlack with @kleffnotes

I had the pleasure of chatting with Vas Saranga all about his current role on Orphan Black and learn a little bit more about the mysterious island run by P.T. Westmoreland. Thank you to Vas for taking the time to speak with me and for sharing so much about the filming process. Continue reading “Interview with @vas_saranga from @OrphanBlack with @kleffnotes”