Interview with Diana D’Agostino ( @patriapgh )from @kleffnotes

Diana D’Agostino is a queer artist who brings to life beautiful mosaic works all to support and promote the LGBTQ+ community. Through her business, Patria Mosaic Design, she is able to bring her food based mosaics to the masses. Each piece is beautifully designed and I was able to ask her some questions about her work and what inspires her to create. Continue reading “Interview with Diana D’Agostino ( @patriapgh )from @kleffnotes”

Interview: Talking With Corin Nemec via @erinwise82 @imcorinnemec #SPN #Stargate #ParkerLewis

Once upon a time ago, I watched a show and came across a very talented young man. After many years, that show and that man have stuck with me. You know you’ve created something special, when something like a show and character, can stick with a person for so long. Continue reading “Interview: Talking With Corin Nemec via @erinwise82 @imcorinnemec #SPN #Stargate #ParkerLewis”

@OrphanBlack Recap: From Dancing Mice to Psychopaths from @kleffnotes

It can’t be over! It just can’t! Okay, so we have one more season of Orphan Black left, but the fourth season just ended and I am not okay. So much happened, both good and bad, and I just need to talk about it with you lovely Clone Clubbers. Now let’s recap this season’s finale and try and focus on the fact that even though we know our show will be ending that it is amazing and has brought us all together in the bonds of sestra and brother sestrahood. Continue reading “@OrphanBlack Recap: From Dancing Mice to Psychopaths from @kleffnotes”

@OrphanBlack Recap: The Redesign of Natural Objects from @kleffnotes

Orphan is the New Black premiered this week, oh wait sorry that’s just Donnie in an orange jumpsuit. This week’s Orphan Black started with a prison sequence straight out of the Netflix original series with Donnie attempting to acclimate to his new prison environment. But hold on, this recap is full of more than just don’t drop the soap references. Continue reading “@OrphanBlack Recap: The Redesign of Natural Objects from @kleffnotes”

@OrphanBlack Recap: Human Raw Material from @kleffnotes

Have you had time to collect yourself after that insane episode last night Clone Club? I’m still freaking out over those two scenes at the end of the episode, don’t worry we are going to talk about them very soon. With so much going on here’s a recap to help you remember everything that happened. Continue reading “@OrphanBlack Recap: Human Raw Material from @kleffnotes”

@OrphanBlack Recap: The Collapse of Nature from @kleffnotes

Orphan Black came back last night with the premiere of season four and it was definitely a shocker. The episode started back before Sarah ever arrived on the scene and we saw actual Beth living her life. This back to the beginning theme for this season has me so excited that I honestly couldn’t contain my excitement during the episode. Learn how it all started in my recap. Continue reading “@OrphanBlack Recap: The Collapse of Nature from @kleffnotes”