@OrphanBlack Recap: The Antisocialism of Sex from @kleffnotes

Have you recovered from all the emotions in last night’s episode yet? If you haven’t, like me, just keep breathing and let’s work through it all here in my recap.

Mrs. S and Sarah are not okay after the events with Kendall last week. S is irate that dealings were made with her mother and she wasn’t privy to how sick she was. Sarah is upset because she blames herself for everything, but while I had hoped some time with Mrs. S would help her work through it, it just makes things worse. Mrs. S tells her that she came into her life an orphan and will always be an orphan. In a time where she needs someone Sarah is basically told that she isn’t truly part of her family. Sarah storms out, she wants to take Kira, but S refuses. The next we see Sarah she’s getting very drunk at a local bar, but she isn’t alone. Dizzy appears and at least tries to keep an eye on her. Felix comes to the safe house to see how everyone is doing and he learns that Sarah left. He’s shocked that she would just go and insists to Kira that she doesn’t do that anymore, but he figures out that there was a blow up between her and S. He promises Kira that he will go get Sarah back because she is what holds all of them together.


On the island Rachel is reunited with her one true love, no not Ferdinand, windows. She finds a book with an image of Leda and the swan and as she looks at it Susan appears. She tells her that Evie is taking over and that she is no longer in control of neolution. Rachel tells her that she can’t just back down. Susan says that this sort of change happens and that the movement has been evolving since the Victorian period. The scene ends with Rachel learning that no cure will be possible because Kendall has been killed, this means that Charlotte will die. Cosima is also coping with the events from last week. We find her laying on the floor of her grow room within Rabbit Hole Comics seeing flashes of Kendall’s death. Hell Wizard is trying to help them with their computers, but insists that they are done for. Scott doesn’t want to give up and wants to turn the computers back on and keep trying with what they have. As Cosima works through all they have left she thinks maybe Sarah’s bot could be useful.


Alison is trying to prepare for Gemma’s birthday party, but she falls to the ground and starts asking for help from God. She tries praying, but suddenly curses, yeah actually curses, and just seems so stressed out. Donnie tells her that he thinks she should talk to someone about everything that’s happened, but she refuses. He then attempts to get her to cancel Gemma’s party, but there are hot dogs in the freezer and Alison Hendrix does not cancel. Sarah is doing her own partying and when she isn’t watching Peaches perform, there was a cut extended scene where a full song was performed, she is messing around with a couple and doing drugs. She’s having a threesome in the bathroom, but a fourth person keeps appearing, Beth. Sarah keeps seeing reflections of her in the mirrors of the bar. Felix arrives and briefly meets Dizzy, who he thinks is definitely Sarah’s type. Dizzy insists she isn’t here, but that he’ll tell her to call Felix if he sees her. When Sarah comes out of the bathroom things get crazy and a fight almost breaks out. Dizzy yanks her out of the bar and winds up taking her home. As the two of them are about to have sex, he starts telling her that he set her up with Mika for some slightly selfish reasons. His friend Ed had an implant and was killed and he was trying to find out what happened. As Sarah is sucking on his finger, yep that happened, he notices her bot is gone and asks her how she got it out. She refuses to tell him anything and as she goes to leave she sees Beth again.


Gemma’s party is going well, though the birthday girl is being a a little sassy and Alison is a little bit stressed. Donnie secretly invited their pastor in an attempt to get her to talk to someone about everything she’s dealing with. When the pastor tries to get her to talk, he starts by telling her that the Hendrix and Stubbs Musical Review will be able to start very soon, but when he tries to mention things she’s been dealing with Alison insists that nothing is insurmountable. On the island Susan and Rachel have a call to make with Evie and her team. While the new head of Neolution insists that the Ledas will be dealt with and Susan will have no control, Rachel says that she will help them deal with her self aware sisters. Evie seems to believe she’ll help, but I think Rachel has something planned. Art confronts Duko and beats the crap out of him after learning from Mrs. S that he was the man Cosima thinks shot Kendall. Go Art for taking down that skeevy jerk. Back at the party Donnie is telling ghost stories and as he’s telling them we jump between him and Rachel talking to Charlotte. The two Ledas are discussing the island and Charlotte’s illness and Rachel tells her that she will die because there is no cure.


Beyond ghost stories when Alison is presenting Gemma with her birthday cupcake there is a knock at the door. When she goes to answer it the door bursts open and the police barge in. They tear her house apart, terrify all the kids, and arrest Donnie. Not only that, but Duko walks in and tells Alison that she needs to stay in contact with him. Sarah is wandering the city and while she wanders Kira and Mrs. S have a talk. Kira tells her that Sarah is on the same path as Beth, which actually worries Mrs. S. She calls Felix to tell him that Sarah is in trouble, but before he can figure out what to do he gets a call from Scott.


Back at the lab Cosima has decided that the bot meant to trigger the disease in Sarah might just cure her. They can’t think of a way to safely implant it, but when they head upstairs to eat with Hell Wizard, Cosima goes back downstairs and locks them out of the lab. She has decided to put the worm inside herself on her own. Even though Scott is trying to get her to let him in he is hoping that Felix can help. Felix realizes that he knows something that should help and tells Scott that Cosima needs to answer her phone because of something Krystal told him. When Cosima finally answer the phone we get some news we have been waiting ages to hear. Krystal did see Delphine get shot, but she saw someone pick her up and take her away. Delphine is alive! Cosima throws down the bot and is understandably overcome with emotion.



With that handled Felix has to try and find Sarah. His sister is on a bridge talking to Beth. Sarah is thinking about killer herself and Beth is there with her, the interaction was oddly humorous, sentimental, and just beautifully done. Before Sarah can jump Felix arrives and tells her to stop, Beth also tells her that she needs to hold the sisters together. Kira has been playing video games while all of this is going on and suddenly Mika appears. It looks like things are going to get very interesting between those two. We end the episode on the island. Rachel falls while trying to come downstairs and when she does she suddenly sees a swan. Ira helps her stand, but insists he sees nothing. As Rachel continues to stare the swan glitches, like when something doesn’t load correctly on a computer, and she is understandably concerned about what is happening to her.


Next week Donnie is in prison, Rachel is trying to figure out if she is losing her mind, and Adele is back. While all of that is happening I really hope that Helena comes back soon, I miss that little meathead. I also desperately want them to find Delphine. Share your Orphan Black thoughts in the comments or on Twitter, @thenerdygirlexp. You can find me on Twitter, @kleffnotes, on my blog, kleffnotes.wordpress.com, on my kleffnotes YouTube channel, I run The Nerdy Girl Express Snapchat, thenerdygirlexp, and post recipes on the iZombie Support Group site.

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