@OrphanBlack Recap: Human Raw Material from @kleffnotes

Have you had time to collect yourself after that insane episode last night Clone Club? I’m still freaking out over those two scenes at the end of the episode, don’t worry we are going to talk about them very soon. With so much going on here’s a recap to help you remember everything that happened.

This week brought us the much awaited return of Krystal. We see her kicking butt at the gym, but also revealing a bit too much about all of the things she’s learned about Dyad. She’s been investigating on her own with no knowledge of her sestras. Sarah has decided to spend time with Kira away from skulking and sneaking around for Leda related clues. The two of them are working on a mural when she gets a text from Helena telling her not to worry about her. Alison calls and insists that Sarah get over to meet with Donnie so that they can get into Brightborn. She refuses to do it and they wind up having Cosima take over as the fake surrogate for Donnie and Felix’s fake baby. She helps Donnie get into character, even though he isn’t a huge fan of her California rich guy plan, and they start learning about the basis of the Brightborn babies.


We learn Evie’s background, she says that she was confined to a bubble and eventually through experimental gene therapy she was able to fully go into remission. Cosima sneaks off and while she’s gone Evie sees Krystal at the reception desk. It turns out there are two clones at Brightborn today. She thinks that Krystal is Sarah in disguise and alerts the visiting Susan and Ira that the rogue clone is downstairs. Before they can snatch her, Krystal makes her way into the parent room and Donnie sees her. He uses a pretty crappy excuse to leave the room and goes to find Cosima.


With Donnie and Cosima at Brightborn, Sarah calls Scott to see if he can run a DNA test on Adele. She really doesn’t think that she’s related to Felix, which is something the entire fandom has been thinking too. Clone Club has trust issues. Scott tells her that he can, but he’ll need saliva or hair to run the sample. With that news she and Kira go to visit Felix and his new sister. While everyone is distracted Sarah steals the samples for Scott’s test.  Art is also dealing with his own drama at the police station. Our creepy neolution cop informs him that the Hendrixes were involved in drug dealing. He plays it cool, but immediately calls Sarah to figure out what is going on. She insists she didn’t know and calls Alison. Sarah and Alison angrily discuss the former drug dealing behavior of her suburban sister and how it could affect Art. Alison then mentions Helena, which sends Sarah for a loop. She’s really upset that no one told her what happened and she and Alison share a “bitch” moment, much like the one between Sarah and Cosima in season one.


Sarah and Mrs. S find themselves fielding an unexpected dinner guest at the safe house. Felix has decided to bring Adele with him, even though he was told to never bring guests to the hideout. Mrs. S finally says that Adele can stay, but everything is very strained over the course of the evening. Felix throws mashed potatoes at Sarah and jokes about her very creepy face worm, then in retaliation she reveals she had Adele and his DNA tested by Scott. Things are getting extra crazy at Brightborn with Cosima meeting Susan Duncan. She doesn’t know she’s meeting her creator, but Susan definitely knows which clone she is talking to. Susan informs Evie that she has the wrong clone, Sarah is definitely not in the building. When Donnie finds Cosima he freaks outs and tries to explain that there’s another clone in the building. After he says “voice like a can opener,” which is a bit harsh, Cosima realizes that Krystal is there too. She wants to find out more about Brightborn, but tells Donnie to take care of Krystal.


Donnie finds himself pretending to work for Brightborn and giving Krystal a very awkward massage. She starts talking to him about how they are both involved in the healing arts and then segues into talking about Dyad. While I was expecting her to start talking about everything that happened to her during her time there, she instead shows Donnie an article that sounds like it came straight out of the National Enquirer. Krystal then mentions a French scientist helping her to survive. Donnie jumps on the mention of Delphine, but when he reveals he knows who Krystal is she kicks him and runs off. Even though she escaped Donnie, she gets snagged by Brightborn security. Cosima has found a way to sneak into the secret science side of Brightborn and is on the look out for information about what is actually going on.


At the safe house Sarah get a call from Scott and learns that Felix and Adele are actually related. We see Sarah start to tear up and Kira asks to be excused and takes her mom to her room. Mrs. S insists Felix and Adele stay to finish dinner, she gets very strict Mama Siobhan for a bit. While Kira talks to Sarah she tells her that she can feel the emotions of all of the clones. Kira really is magic, but this makes me even more worried about her fire vision. Back at Brightborn Cosima finds herself in an emergency delivery room. There are rooms full of pregnant women, but everyone is calling them carriers. The baby that is born is still freaking me out. It had a very deformed face and I believe it was stillborn. Cosima is shocked and after the delivery finds herself face to face with Susan. Brightborn is performing human experimentation to try and create perfect beings. Susan insists that if Cosima gives her Kendall that they will find a way to cure her. The next time we see Susan she is going for a swim with Ira, which takes a turn I was not expecting. She and Ira start kissing and I literally covered my eyes. I was not prepared!


Each episode of this season keeps getting crazier and I can’t believe we only have five episodes left. Share your Orphan Black thoughts with us in the comments or on Twitter, @thenerdygirlexp. You can find me on Twitter, @kleffnotes, on my blog, kleffnotes.wordpress.com, on my kleffnotes YouTube channel, I run The Nerdy Girl Express Snapchat, thenerdygirlexp, and I post recipes on the iZombie Support Group site.

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