@OrphanBlack Recap: The Collapse of Nature from @kleffnotes

Orphan Black came back last night with the premiere of season four and it was definitely a shocker. The episode started back before Sarah ever arrived on the scene and we saw actual Beth living her life. This back to the beginning theme for this season has me so excited that I honestly couldn’t contain my excitement during the episode. Learn how it all started in my recap.

We immediately meet MK as she is running through the woods tracking two people burying a body. She calls Beth and tells her to go to specific coordinates to find the body. Before she leaves the house we see Beth snort some sort of crushed up pill, which is a way more extreme means of drug addiction than I thought Beth was going through. It turns out that this body is connected to Neolution, the dead man has one white contact lens and a bifurcated penis so pretty clear sign he’s  in with our body altering extremists.Beth, through help from MK, goes to Club Neolution to figure out who this guy was and how he’s contacted to her and the other clones. A pregnant girl at the club named Trina informs her that her murder victim had something implanted in his cheek and he left to have it removed.

orphan black ep 1 pic 3

Now if you are a fan of Orphan Black you know that the episodes are pretty intense and a lot happens. Besides this case, we see Paul and Beth interacting with each other. Their scenes are heartbreaking. You can tell Beth is unhappy and that Paul wants to let her be free of him, but he knows that he can’t leave. We also see her interactions with Art for the first time and they are so close, really close. You can see the trust they have for each other and during one wonderful scene we get to see how much they truly care for each other through a passionate kiss. We finally get to see just how torn Beth was between all the forces in her life.

orphan black ep 1 pic 1

We also got to learn how Cosima got to Canada and we get a glimpse at her girlfriend from Minnesota, who had appeared in the comics to show what was going on with Cosima before she became aware of everything that was going on. We also see a much more carefree Alison, who is excited to learn how guns work and spend time with Beth. We even get a Ramon delivered flower arrangement full of drugs and pee, yep clone pee was a thing before Cosima needed it during the election. We also got to see Leekie and Olivier again. It turns out that Beth met Leekie and a Neolutionist who worked with him named Evie Cho. The worms are her project it seems so definitely expecting to see more of her in later episodes.

orphan black ep 1 pic 2

Near the end of the episode, it honestly flew by, Beth gets a call from Trina that leads her straight to the shooting that started the series. We get to see how Art tried to help her cover up what really happened and how Beth tried to deal with everything in her life crashing down by visiting MK. Suddenly we jump to our present timeline where Art is calling Sarah to tell her that a woman named MK needs to speak to her. She tells Sarah to run because Neolution is coming for Kendall Malone.

orphan black ewe 4

I can’t wait for next week. I’m definitely rewatching this episode before then. We have been given a hint at the worms we saw in the trailers for this season, which are super creepy. I feel like Trina might be important. Her being pregnant seems like something that is going to influence the plot later on, but that’s just my opinion.

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