@OrphanBlack Recap: From Dancing Mice to Psychopaths from @kleffnotes

It can’t be over! It just can’t! Okay, so we have one more season of Orphan Black left, but the fourth season just ended and I am not okay. So much happened, both good and bad, and I just need to talk about it with you lovely Clone Clubbers. Now let’s recap this season’s finale and try and focus on the fact that even though we know our show will be ending that it is amazing and has brought us all together in the bonds of sestra and brother sestrahood.

We started back at the end of season three in this first episode with Delphine being shot in the parking garage. We finally got to see who shot her, Duko, and that if Krystal hadn’t been snooping and forgotten to put her phone on silent that Delphine would be dead. She was scooped up by the present interim head of the board and saved. What we don’t know is why they saved her and why she wound up on the island.


In the present Cosima and Susan have miraculously found a cure. She immediately contacts Sarah to tell her that they have it figured out and while everyone is freaking out with excitement the connection locks up. Cosima can’t get into any of the research and the wi-fi has completely shut down. Susan has also left Cosima alone downstairs and no one can tell what it happening. Sarah freaks out and she and Mrs. S realize that something has gone very wrong.


Krystal calls Felix after seeing the new head of the Brightborn board on television and says that she has intel for him on the French doctor. Felix, though half asleep, says that he will meet with her and races to Sarah. She and Mrs. S are trying to get Rachel to tell them what’s going on, but Rachel insists that the island must be having issues. As their unease grows Felix insists they hang up the phone and listen to him. He is going to bring in Krystal and figure out what she knows, but he can’t do it alone.


Evie is having a meeting with the board and is told that she is no longer in charge. They have drafted paperwork that will sign her bots over to them and she will be removed from Brightborn. Evie is irate that she is no longer going to be part of the Neolution movement and throws the contract back at them. Before she can leave she suddenly collapses. Her bot has been triggered and is killing her on behalf of the board. They murdered her to get her out of the way.


Krystal arrives at Rabbit Hole Comics to the sounds of spy music and when she is taken downstairs she comes face to face with Sarah. Instead of being shocked by the appearance of a clone she instead insists that Sarah looks nothing like her. Then she goes through all the information that she knows, even though she thinks it’s two warring cosmetics companies she actually has a lot more information than any of them ever would have anticipated.


On the island Cosima learns that Susan wasn’t looking for a cure, but rather a way to continue the cloning program. She is informing the board of what she and Cosima have accomplished and after Cosima reveals she overheard her, Susan locks her inside. Cosima is literally trapped with no way to access her sestras, except for Charlotte. Ferdinand reappears after his meeting with Mika. He knew where Rachel was staying and decided to pay her what could best be called a conjugal visit. The two of them get very rough, that cane is dangerous, and Rachel insists that Ferdinand swear his allegiance to Neolution. This is definitely not okay. Ira also walks in on them and while astonished that Ferdinand has socks on doesn’t seem to understand that he is obviously in danger.


Ferdinand is taking care of Ira and Rachel is headed to a meeting with the board. While we had thought we could trust her she has decided that she wants to control all of Neolution. With Susan’s base pair and Evie’s bots, they can unite both portions of Neolution and begin testing on more humans. Her plans are terrifying, she wants them to take people in other countries and test pretty much anything and everything on them. Seriously major super villain drama.


The press are hounding Brightborn and within the crowd we see Krystal. She says that she’s part of TMZ and starts asking questions about Neolution. The man who rescued Delphine and is the interim head of the board confronts her and she tells him to meet her around the corner. As he follows her Mrs. S emerges. She grabs him and takes him to a car where Krystal, turns out it’s actually Sarah pulls a gun on him. She demands he explain what’s going on and he reveals that Rachel has grand plans for Neolution. I seriously love this picture from the Orphan Black account. The real Krystal has been stuck at Rabbit Hole Comics and is not happy to be playing Descent with Scott and Hell Wizard.


Felix and Art go to find out what is going on with Rachel and they find Ira tied up on her bed. This is definitely a bad sign. They take him back to the safe house and Sarah is going to go save Cosima. She insists that she needs to make sure that the other clones are cured because since she’s immune she couldn’t handle watching all of them die. Ira is being left with Mrs. S, he’s collateral damage at this point. Mrs. S will also be taking care of Kira again. Kira understands what is happening and mentions that there are so many clones that they don’t even know about that need their help.


I haven’t mentioned them yet, but Helena and the Hendrixes are having some fun. They all needed to lay low and that involved everyone moving in to Helena’s woodsy home. She’s taking care of all of them and while Donnie is having a great time, Alison is constantly getting sick. It has something to do with the venison. They also wish they could help Sarah and Cosima, but she tells them to just stay safe. Alison is super grateful for what Helena did for her and her family and they have bonded tremendously. She would kill for the Avenging Angel. Sarah heads out by helicopter to rescue her trapped sister, but it’s even more complicated than she thought.


Rachel beats Sarah to the island, but Cosima and Charlotte are already on the run. Susan told Charlotte that they needed to get to the boat right away and she has grabbed her older sestra. They start out, but get turned around in the wilderness. Rachel is at the house and she and her mother get into a huge confrontation. Susan tells her that she doesn’t understand what she’s doing with Neolution and yells that she regrets ever making Rachel. This leads the already angry Rachel to stab her own mother, after she sees images of the swan’s head in her eye.


Cosima and Charlotte are freezing and both lay down in the woods. Someone finds them and begins taking them toward civilization. Yes! They are being taken toward the camp where Delphine is. As they walk in people start coming toward them and Delphine rushes to Cosima. It is a remarkably sweet reunion, but Cosima is not doing well.


Delphine has them rush Cosima into her little hut and begins checking her vitals. She has hypothermia and she bundles her up and tells the others to leave. Cosima says she thinks she is dying, but Delphine is quickly taking off her clothes and climbs in beside her. She says that she won’t let her die.


Cosima also says that she finished their homework, which confuses Delphine, but the two begin to kiss. When Cosima is slightly more coherent Delphine looks and notices that she has a case with her. It looks like Cosima was able to sneak out the cure or at least something connected to the cure before she and Charlotte fled.


Sarah has made it to the house and sees blood on the floor. She follows the trail and finds that Susan is trying to save herself. Before she can do anything for her, Rachel comes out and attacks Sarah with her cane. They attack each other and Sarah winds up being stabbed in the leg. Susan grabs Sarah’s gun and says that she will shoot Rachel if she doesn’t stop. While she’s distracted, Sarah is able to escape out of the house, but Susan is stuck with Rachel. While her daughter does some form of triage on her, I am very afraid. Sarah is on the beach and calls Mrs. S. She says “Mum, I need help,” but before Mrs. S can do anything Ferdinand takes the phone. He has Mrs. S and Kira and it looks like Sarah might be in serious trouble.


Rachel has changed into clean clothes and pours herself a glass of wine. Then she makes a call to the board to inform them that everything has been taken care of. They tell her that it is now time for her to meet Westmoreland. Oh yeah, did I forget to mention that. Apparently the founder of Neolution is somehow still alive and is still controlling everything. As she hangs up the call with the board there is a knock at the door and someone comes in. No one has any idea who is playing Westmoreland, but I am very afraid to meet him. This finale was insane and I know that the final season will be epic. I’m sad to know that it will be ending, but seriously it is going to be so great.


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