@OrphanBlack Recap: The Redesign of Natural Objects from @kleffnotes

Orphan is the New Black premiered this week, oh wait sorry that’s just Donnie in an orange jumpsuit. This week’s Orphan Black started with a prison sequence straight out of the Netflix original series with Donnie attempting to acclimate to his new prison environment. But hold on, this recap is full of more than just don’t drop the soap references.

Donnie gets a little chatty with a nice enough looking guy and after spilling the beans about why he’s in prison a man with a Neolution tattoo comes over and already knows who he is. Adele is also back this week and is going to be Donnie’s lawyer, though Felix does have to lie and say Alison is Sarah’s twin and totally not a clean cut clone. Cosima is helping Sarah handle her hangover from last week’s binge session with some chai tea as they wait for Mika to contact Kira. Our sheep masked hacker clone has found Susan’s secret satellite and knows how to get the rest of the clones in contact with her. On the island Susan is dealing with a bit of sass from Rachel. The window loving clone has decided that she and Ira should work together to ensure that both the Castors and Ledas find a cure, well at least the two of them. Sarah pops up on Susan’s computer and insists that she let Cosima work with her on the cure. This surprises the creator in more ways than one. Rachel also declines taking up woodworking, though apparently Ira makes toy soldiers. Kira hangs up on the call for Sarah and tells her that Mrs. S left with her gun.


Cosima chats with Susan and Rachel, but they can’t come to terms and after Scott reveals that he doesn’t want to work with Rachel, and that she cheats at Agricola, they hang up with the inhabitants of Dr. Moreau’s Island. Adele and Alison meet with Donnie and Adele tells him to keep his mouth shut while they work on his defense. The bail hearing won’t be for a few days, but Donnie asks to speak to Alison alone. He tells her all about the creepy Neo and she tells him that Duko has to be behind all of this. Sarah has gone to Art to tell him about S, she thinks that her mum is after Duko. Dude is in some serious crap right now. As Art and Sarah try to find Duko, Mrs. S sees him meeting with Alison. She immediately calls Sarah and tells her that she thinks she knows how Evie will get to the clones. Duko wants Alison to tell him where Sarah is in exchange for Donnie’s safety. Seriously, such a jerk.



Alison is setting up for the musical review and after actually cursing when she drops boxes of costumes, she has a long talk with her pastor. He says he understands what’s happening because he was there when Donnie was arrested. She tells him that she can save someone she loves, but in turn will hurt someone she cares about and he tells her that she did make a vow to her husband in this very church. Mrs. S and Sarah tell Felix what they think is up with Alison and during the chat his phone rings. It’s Alison, while she starts by asking where Sarah is, she changes her mind and asks if he can come to her rehearsal. Cosima and Scott are chatting with Susan about the issues with their tests and the complications they have with DNA growth. As they work through it Cosima says they could make their own blastocyte for stem cells. They’d need fertilizable eggs from a Leda and Ira’s sperm.



Mika contacts Sarah to tell her that she found out Duko is paid by a Brightborn subsidy. After she hangs up, Mika starts coughing and it looks like she’s sick too. No! On the island Rachel sees the swan again and is worried that she might be going crazy. Alison is having rehearsal and after a bit of a spat with Sarah Stubbs she almost sneaks some vodka, but Felix interrupts her. He starts asking her about Duko and asking if she’s okay. After telling her to be strong and reminding her that her sisters are there for her she goes to talk to Duko. Alison tells him that she doesn’t know where Sarah is, but then he hands her his phone. Donnie is in danger, the Neo is going to stab him through his eye with a shiv if she doesn’t say something. Alison reveals that Sarah will be at Rabbit Hole Comics tonight, and Duko promises if he finds her that he’ll make sure Donnie is safe.


Duko is waiting outside the comic book store for Sarah, Donnie is getting beat up, and Felix is sitting through rehearsal. Craziness everyone, craziness. Duko heads into Rabbit Hole after seeing someone who looks like Sarah walk in. He starts chatting D&D with Hell Wizard, then he starts betting him up. He might have spotted Sarah, but Art and Mrs. S were waiting for him. Duko is caught! By threat of gun, he calls off the hit on Donnie and after Felix tells Alison she gets super into rehearsal. I so want to see this production of Jesus Christ Superstar, Sarah Stubbs is Jesus and it looks amazing. Mrs. S tells Art and Sarah to leave so she can torture Duko for information. She has jumper cables so I really wouldn’t want to mess with her. The dirty Neo cop tells her that Evie will be able to put her bots in tons of people under the guise of gene therapy and that she wants Sarah, but he doesn’t know anything else. S stops shocking him, but grabs some files and her gun. She tells him that they know he’s been the one on all the Brightborn cases. Duko insists he only did it to protect his niece. Mrs. S says she understand he did it for his family and that this is for hers and cocks her gun. Next thing we see Rabbit Hole has a new very bloody paint job.


Scott is cleaning up the shop, hey maybe they’ll have a postmortem clearance sale. I’d totally buy those comics, yeah I’m a little bit weird. He tells Sarah that Cosima is downstairs and the two sestras discuss the new plan. Cosima tells her that they need to join Sarah’s eggs with Ira’s sperm so that they can create new cells. The only snag is that Cosima will have to go to the island. Rachel wants to work with Sarah to get rid of Evie, but as she’s talking the swan reappears in a pretty dramatic fashion. After getting eggs from Sarah, Cosima is headed to the island. Things are about to get very mad sciencey indeed.


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