@LuciferonFOX Finale Recap: Take Me Back to Hell from @kleffnotes

The finale of Lucifer season one was this week and it picked up right where last week’s episode ended. Lucifer is surrounded by armed police officers, with Chloe in the lead. This situation doesn’t go down well, Lucifer starts laughing and even attempts to sway a rookie into shooting him because he thinks Chloe has stopped believing in him. Oh no, not in the “you are totally the devil” sort of belief, but the “you are capable of being good” kind of belief. There’s a gust of wind and suddenly Lucifer is gone, keep reading to find out what else happened in this intense finale.

Amenadiel swoops down and saves Lucifer from possibly being shot, but it turns out that he wants his help. He has come to realize that letting Malcolm out of Hell has led to a terrible chain of events that have culminated in murders and will wind up causing even more awful events before the episode is out. Lucifer is more than willing to team up with his brother, as long as they punish Malcolm. They head to Amenadiel’s office and after insulting his candle choices, Lucifer winds up being caught pretending to get therapy from his brother by Dr. Linda. She is not pleased at all, especially when she finds out Amendaiel lied to her about being a therapist and used her to get to Lucifer.


Chloe talks to Dan about the case against Lucifer and he eventually reveals to her that he was involved with Malcolm’s set up, which earns him a very intense slap. While he and Chloe are trying to find the evil jerk from Hell, Lucifer and Amenadiel are doing their own work to track down the jerk. Lucifer interrupts a funeral to get information from the funeral director, who helped him create his new identity as the Earth living Lucifer Morningstar because this is the best man to create a new identity. Without that Malcolm won’t be able to get out of town. They wind up figuring out where he is by hiding out in Dan’s office and threatening his bobble head. The brothers find Malcolm first, but Chloe was able to sort of convince Maze to help her and they are hot on the boys’ heels. Lucifer and Amenadiel get into a huge brawl with some thugs, but something terrible happens.


Malcolm has one of Maze’s knives and he stabs him. Now a normal blade wouldn’t hurt him, but this weapon isn’t of Earth. Maze tells Lucifer she will take care of everything and takes him back to Lucifer’s apartment. She refuses to let him die and gives up the feather she kept from Lucifer’s wings to heal the wound. Only something holy can fix the damage done by this sort of weapon. Everyone is still trying to track down Malcolm, but Dan turns himself in for stealing evidence from lockup so that Lucifer won’t be charged with murder. Then Chloe gets a phone call from the jerk from Hell who says he has Trixie. Yep, he stole our beloved Trixie out of her school and he’s threatening to kill her if Chloe doesn’t get him his money back. He insists she not let Lucifer come and while she doesn’t invite him along he still appears.


Chloe is able to get Trixie out of danger by telling her to hide and while Lucifer attempts to deal with Malcolm she hides nearby. Malcolm threatens Lucifer and winds up shooting him, which wounds him. Our beloved title character feels himself beginning to die and calls out to his dear dad. He promises to do whatever God wants as long as Chloe is safe from Malcolm. Lucifer briefly finds himself in Hell and sees that someone has escaped, but after finding broken chains he wakes up back on Earth. Eyes full of fire, he goes after Malcolm, but Chloe is the one who winds up killing the dirty cop. Malcolm thinks he’ll be safe because of the coin he got from Lucifer, until the sly devil reveals that God made sure that he made it back to Earth, which used up the coin’s power.


With a warm hug between Chloe and Trixie, Lucifer leaves and heads back to his place. He digs through the debris from his fight with Amenadiel and shares a drink with his brother. While they drink he reveals to his brother that someone has broken out of Hell and it isn’t just anyone. It’s Mom. Yep, you read that right, Mom. It looks like next season is going to be full of even more family drama than I was ever expecting. I’m also wondering who exactly helped God begat all those angelic children. This week’s pictures came from the amazing Lucifer fan, @CarolineRaby, and Spoiler TV.

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