#HappyMothersDay Dear Television Mothers via @stacyamiller85 #JanetheVirgin #GilmoreGirls

Mothers come in all forms.  Some are more traditional. Some are more fun-loving. Some mothers are more like sisters or girlfriends to their daughters.  But the one thing they have in common is their conditional love for their daughters. And  mothers with sons faced a different challenge all together. So, to all these television mothers and the lovely actress who have portrayed them, Happy Mother’s Day!

Dear Television Mothers,

What can I say to thank you for the countless hours you have given us showing us your strength and love for your children.  You’ve had your hands full raising strong-willed sons and daughters with personalities that made parenting challenging to say the least. But you’ve risen above with style and grace showing the true meaning of motherhood.  So, thank you Carol Brady…your bunch grew under your nurturing guidance.  Thank you June Cleaver, Wally and the “Beaver” were better men because of you.  Thank you Marion Cunningham for all the “Happy Days” you gave your kids. Thank you Donna Reed. Cindy Walsh, what can I say? You raised Brenda, the challenges there!  Tami Taylor, Eric may have been a football coach but you were a far greater coach to your daughter Julie.  Emily Gilmore, you and Lorelai had your disagreements but you raised her to be the strong woman she was. And Lorelai, you and Rory…mother/daughter/sisters/friends. Alba, Xo and Jane- Three generations of strong Villanuenva women, you all are different types of mothers but the values, strength and courage you’ve given your children is amazing.  Mateo will grow up to be a great man because of all of you. The Braveman family were blessed by strong mothers like Camille, Christina, Sarah, Julia and Jasmine. There are countless others television mothers, too many to name, who showed us what it means to be a mother.

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Thank you All- Happy Mother’s Day!

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