@InternityTvShow Internity is full of possibilities via @tdmiller820917

Television writer Joey Adams may not be a household name, but he is a man of creative vision. While many creators of new programming are imprisoned by the long held, young oriented advertising model for scripted television, Adams is determined to take a bold step with Internity.

Internity is a dramedy (the union of comedy and drama) starring actress Marina Sirtis as a middle-aged divorced woman who is pursuing her dream of becoming a doctor. The challenge for this character is that her boss, Dr. Nate (also played by creator Adams) is young enough to be her son. This wrinkle allows Internity to delve into hotbed issues like ageism and sexism.

But you need not worry about Internity alienating its potential audience with a preachy tone. There lies the key to Joey Adams’ imaginative writing talent. Internity will embrace comedic elements as well (via Dr. Nate’s fascination with sci-fi genre shows). There are so many possibilities for actors from these shows to appear on Internity as guest stars. Dream sequences are an effective storytelling technique. I predict that Internity, under Joey Adams’ masterful hand, will allow the art of dream sequences to be creatively satisfying.

Here’s hoping that Internity becomes a part of the television landscape. This show is full of possibilities. Television audiences are more than ready to embrace Joey Adams’ vision. We are smart viewers who seek to be informed as well as entertained. Internity is the best of both worlds.

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