@Gotham recap Wrath of the Villains: A Legion Of Horribles via @luckynerdgirl

Are you ready for this people? It’s about to get “Strange”! If you haven’t seen the recent episode, avert thine eyes for this contains spoilers! 

In the last few episodes, Gotham has been building the intensity preparing for the season finale. This episode, titled A Legion of Horribles, is no exception! The opening started with Hugo Strange resurrecting another “subject” and continues to see if the subject remembers who they are. If you couldn’t figure out who this subject was supposed to be, it is Clayface! He doesn’t remember who he originally is so we see the continuation of Strange implanting personas into the people he brings back. We see for a moment some strange lady with what looks like a bird mask saying that Strange has strayed too far and needs to be stopped. I’m not so surprised. There’s always an evil organization to fund such experiments.

Speaking of experiments, the next subject they try to bring back is none other than Fish Mooney! She was always my favorite of the Gotham villains from the first season. This time, Strange decides to increase the voltage used to 200% and his minions look a little unsure about that. Hugo doesn’t seem bothered at all and simply says, “What harm could we do? She’s dead.” Suddenly she wakes and when Strange tries to question his subject as normal, he believes that yet again it hasn’t worked and that she doesn’t remember who she is. As he begins giving her a new persona, she immediately stops him and in Fish Mooney fashion, she says, “No. I’m Fish Mooney bitch!” The doctor is amazed that he’s done it! Now to figure out exactly which of the variables made her retain her memories. Could it be the increased voltage? Perhaps it was the cuttlefish DNA they spliced her DNA with. There will need to be a lot of testing done I’m sure.


Bruce is determined to save Selina because he feels responsible for her being held captive. And Alfred doesn’t really help him feel better about it. He has no problem telling Bruce that this is what happens when you are selfish and think only of the things that you want. Bruce and Lucius Fox decide to sneak Jim Gordon in under the guise that since the Wayne Foundation supplies a quarter of the money for Arkham Asylum, they would like a tour.

When they arrive, Doctor Strange greets Bruce and Mr. Fox at the front gate. Strange gives Bruce his condolences for the death of his parents and at that moment you expect Wayne to knock the doctor on his ass. Instead, he calmly accepts his condolences with a smile. Bruce is a better person than I would have been. While Bruce goes to Hugo’s office, Lucius goes with Ms. Peabody, and Gordon sneaks in disguised as a guard. They all do their best to play their parts trying to find the location of Doctor Steanges hidden facility and although they find it, it’s too late. After Hugo desperately tries to get Bruce to walk away from this and not be his father. But badass Bruce won’t be having any of it. He is proud of the man his father was and that he died for what he believes was right. Wrong words Bruce! Strange gives the word and they are all taken captive. Jim is taken to somewhere while Bruce and Lucius are trapped together in some room. Wayne and Fox are trying to figure a way out when a familiar voice comes over the intercom. It’s Nygma! He has gained (or at least he thinks he has) Doctor Strange’s trust and has threatened to kill both Bruce and Lucius if they don’t tell him everything they know about what goes on at Arkham.

After all this has happened, suddenly the security monitors in Strange’s office go funky, and a woman wearing that bird mask we saw earlier tells him that enough is enough. His experiments have gone too far and he has strayed from the path of his intended task. When Hugo assures her that he has indeed brought someone back who has retained their memories of who they are, she lets him continue, but she has conditions. She wants the subject moved to their “other location” and the Indian Hill facility destroyed. And yes, by destroyed she means everything, people included!

Try not to worry too much yet! Alfred heads to GCPD and enlists the help of Harvey to bring in the Calvary to get them back! Will they reach them in time? I guess we will have to wait for the finale next Monday!

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Watch the preview for the finale of Season 2 which airs Monday on Fox!

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