@OrphanBlack Recap: The Scandal of Altruism from @kleffnotes

I think this season of Orphan Black might just kill me, but honestly I can come to terms with that because of just how amazing this show is. Every episode has just kept amping things up and last night’s episode had so much packed into it that I’m just hoping this recap can do it justice. I may not follow a strict chronology, but I will try and cover everything.

We open the episode in a flashback, Beth is wearing the blonde wig that we know she wore on the night that she met Sarah and she is at a Brightborn and Dyad event. She has a Brightborn pass and finds a way to come in contact with Susan Duncan. Beth has a gun to her head and Susan does look frightened. We then see Ira and Susan in their hotel room, Susan is trying to secretly test his cognitive ability, which he notices right away. The two have been together for kind of a long time it seems. With a meeting planned between Susan and Sarah, Mrs. S finally learns the truth about her mother. She is exceptionally upset that she just reunited with her mom and she is going to lose her to leukemia. The only small positive that emerges from this turn of events is that Cosima and Scott can isolate a Leda specific white blood cell within Kendall and use it to work on a cure. This though will only help the Ledas and not the Castors. Sarah informs Susan that they will give her the genetic material and let her meet Kendall as long as she removes the worm from Sarah’s face. She agrees, which upsets Ira because this means there will be no possibility of a cure for him once Kendall dies. We also learn what the worm is doing, it was designed to trigger the disease in Sarah to determine how to cure it. Evie says it isn’t working because it should have killed her by now.


Art is dealing with clone problems of his own when Krystal shows up at the police station asking for protection. He starts interviewing her and realizes that she doesn’t entirely understand what is going on. She knows the names of key players, but he decides he needs to call in reinforcements. Sarah says that she’ll send him Felix to help with Krystal and before he leaves we learn that Adele has gone home. This seems very suspicious to me. She just met Sarah and is suddenly gone, but maybe I just have OB trust issues. We get to see more of Beth interacting with Susan, she thinks that killing her will save her and her sisters, but Susan insists that she loves them. Beth tells her to close her eyes and then she disappears. Scott and Cosima have a heart to heart and we learn that she and Shay are no longer together. She doesn’t seem as upset about that as she does about Delphine, she even calls her her soulmate. Cosima and Sarah meet at Brightborn so that she can get her worm removed and Cosima promises her ice cream if it goes well. Orphan Black’s Twitter asked what we think the clones’ favorite ice cream flavors are. I said rocky road for Sarah and pistachio for Cosima, what do you think?


The worm removal begins and while it should be easy Evie insists that the worm is secreting things and this leads to some emergency triage. Cosima is acting as Evie’s assistant because no one trusts her to be in the room alone with Sarah. While this is going on Scott is beginning his work on Kendall’s white blood cells with Susan looking on. They don’t trust her enough to do this at Rabbit Hole so instead they are working in Felix’s loft. Sarah heads to the loft and initially everything seems to be going fine, which should have tipped me off right away. Kendall is leaving the apartment with her driver to go back to the safe house when they are suddenly attacked. When she gets to the apartment Sarah finds Kendall’s cigarettes in the alley in a pool of blood. She can’t get a hold of her driver and rushes upstairs. Sarah thinks that Susan stole Kendall and begins pouring bleach all over the samples they collected. Susan insists she wasn’t involved, but no one believes her. They take her out of the apartment and get her to the safe house for interrogation.


Cosima hasn’t left Brightborn yet and while in Evie’s office discussing the worm, a woman comes in and informs Evie that Susan has gone dark. As this announcement is being made the clone phone starts ringing, but before she can answer it her phone is taken. Cosima is definitely in danger. Back with Art and Krystal, Felix has arrived to help them out in a very Sherlockian ensemble. Art introduces him as an inspector from Scotland Yard, but while Felix is trying to talk to Krystal she maces him. She says she didn’t mean to, but that she was just panicked. Once he can see he weaves a tale about cosmetics and secret plans that fits with her theory about why she’s being targeted. She gets her own clone phone and also reveals that she saw what happened to Delphine at Dyad.


Susan at the safe house is adamant that she wasn’t involved in taking Kendall and Sarah thinks Ira may have done it because he wouldn’t be cured. She and Benjamin go to the hotel room he has been staying in and they find him in a bathtub. Sarah immediately thinks he’s glitching, but realizes that he’s actually ODing. He is taken to the hospital and left under the supervision of Benjamin. The only person left is Evie and we suddenly learn everything. She put Beth on her path to Susan, then Beth tried to kill her, but wound up only hitting her with the gun because Duco arrived and told her to stop. Evie also told Beth that only her death would save the lives of everyone she cares for. In the present Duco kidnapped Kendall and killed her driver and Evie has taken Cosima to where he is. Now things get extra crazy. Scott calls Sarah in a panic because all of the data he and Cosima have collected is being deleted by a virus, introduced by the flash drive from Brightborn. While that is happening Evie and her henchpeople begin preparing to kill Kendall so that she can’t help anyone. Evie tells Cosima that the clones are outdated and their survival isn’t important. She gives her time to say goodbye to Kendall and then Duco shoots and sets fire to the original genome. Cosima falls to the ground and to add to the darkness of the evening Evie informs her that Delphine was shot dead. We then jump back to the past to see Beth walk into the light of the train station.

This episode was exceptionally rough, honestly I forgot to breathe at a certain point because so much was happening. Everything seems to be doomed with all of the original genome lost and all of the data gone. I can’t wait until next week to see what is going to happen with the rest of this season. I’m really hoping it involves Delphine reappearing in some way.

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