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Okay, the Season Finale of Supernatural  “Alpha and Omega” aired on May 25.  Although the epic battle between the light (God) and the Darkness (Amara) turned out to be little more than a family therapy session that ended in “I forgive yous,” there are still some questions to be answered for Season 12.

This article contains spoilers so if you haven’t seen “Alpha and Omega,” please do not continue reading.

The finale ended with what looked like Sam Winchester (Jared Padalecki) being shot by Toni Beville (Elizabeth Blackmore) of the London branch of The Men of Letters who apparently have been watching Sam all these years and had issues with the way he’s handle a few things.  Toni arrived to “take him in” (Men of Letters prison?) but Sam, refusing to go quietly, approached her. Then, bang.

Then, we had the return from the dead of Mary Winchester (Samantha Smith).  It looked like a grateful Amara (Emily Swallow)decided to give Dean “what he wanted most” which was his mother, alive. But how will this affect the natural order of things?  I figure the best person to know this would be a reaper, so let’s talk about Billie (Lisa Berry) and her possible role in Season 12.

Billie has expressed on more than one occasion that it pisses her off when Sam and Dean defy the laws of life and death with deals that bring one of the Winchester’s back to life.  How will Billie feel about Mary’s return to the land of the living? Will she be so angered that she’ll take Sam’s life as a trade-off?  And what would happen if Amara had arranged Mary’s return without the condition of Sam’s life, how will Billie respond to this disregard of her job responsibilities?  Although it is too early to get the answers to these questions in that filming for Season 12 hasn’t even started yet, it will be interesting to see what theories will be tossed around throughout the summer.

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3 thoughts on “Billie’s Role in #Supernatural Season 12 via @stacyamiller85 @_LisaBerry @WinFamBusiness @WinchesterBros

  1. We don’t know for sure that Dean is alive or dead. He may not be in the land of the living. Mary could still be dead and Dean is on her plane.

    Sam may not be dead at all. Toni had a rather strange expression on her face after the shot was fired.


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