Fandoms Need To Unite via @stacyamiller85 #The100 #SPN #TheFlash #BATB

As a fan of several shows, I thought it was time someone spoke up regarding the division that is tearing fandoms apart.

The world is about differences. No two people are alike. But it’s also about similarities. And unity. People join together to share and talk about what they love. But sometimes what stirs passion can also create division.

The world of fandom has become an place divided. If everyone agreed with everyone, it would be easy but boring. The phrase “like minded” often bothers me because some people take it to the extreme. Sure, I want people who share my interests but I don’t want to be a drone in a community of people who agree with everything I say or do. That being said, there are constructive ways to express a difference of opinion. Using words like “terrible” or “stupid” don’t offer anything except negativity.

2 thoughts on “Fandoms Need To Unite via @stacyamiller85 #The100 #SPN #TheFlash #BATB

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