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Welcome to an all new season of “Everlasting.”

It’s time for the fun to begin on UnReal.  It looks like Rachel Goldberg (Shiri Appleby) intends to be more Quinn-like (Constance Zimmer) this season.  You can never have too many bitch producers in television!

Quinn and Rachel seemed to have bounded since the conclusion of Everlasting’s Season 13 (Although UnReal is in Season 2, the show within the show has been on for a lot more seasons).  So, the ladies are on their way to Las Vegas to meet with Brad from the network. There’s a lot of drinking, dancing and partying.  But hey, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!  They tell Brad that the suitor for Season 14 will be pro quarterback Darius, who happens to be black. “He’s not black, he’s football black,” Quinn says, meaning when you’re a football star your skin color doesn’t matter when you’re a winner. A black suitor is a first for “Everlasting.”  Darius is that same guy who created a ruckus by calling a woman a bitch.  Quinn corrects, “It was bitch please. It’s a term of endearment, I say it to Rachel all the time.” Ah, the Quinn-ism, how I missed thee! Brad thinks the idea will take off with the viewers.

The network president Gary on the other hand is less than accepting of the idea but Quinn reminds that the same old suitors for the Midwest are boring.  Plus, they have women contestants who will bring in the audience based on their views on dating a black man.

Gary finally agrees so it’s Rachel’s job to find the perfect women to be contestants.  But all this will be useless if Darius decides not to do the show.  He’s not too keen on the idea of living in a house with constant surveillance.  He reluctantly agrees after Rachel gives him her pitch.

Jeremy is being frosty to Rachel after learning last season about her affair with Adam.  Unfortunately, Quinn reminds her that she can’t fire him for fear of a sexual harassment lawsuit. Jeremy isn’t the only male employee on “Everlasting” who doesn’t like ‘the new’ Rachel.  Jay is having problems with her approach to things now.  Whatever, Rachel has to get Ruby, a black activist, as a contestant on the show this season.  It may not be easy since Ruby doesn’t want to drop out of college just to be on some “racist dating show.”  But when Rachel tells her that the suitor this season is a black man and she can guarantee that Ruby will make it as one of the final contestants, Ruby reconsiders.

All is not smooth sailing on the “Everlasting” boat. Chet is back to be a thorn in Quinn’s side.  He’s a different Chet then she remembers. “What happened to the rest of you?” Quinn asks. Apparently, Chet has spent time in Patagonia cleansing or something and is fifty pound lighter with a outlook on life that men are the ones in charge, while women she go off and do ‘women things.’

Chet later meets with Darius and convinces him to join his team.

It’s time to film the promos for “Everlasting” and Rachel needs to get Madison to get “shock-worthy” footage.  But of course, Madison is not a cut-throat producer.  She’s too nice to say anything harsh to get the needed reactions.  So, Rachel plays Cyrano, whispering in Madison’s ear via walky talky.  The first contestant is Chantal (Meagan Tandy), who’s fiancé was recently killed in a car accident in which she was the driver. Chantal tells Madison “I will love again or die trying.” Score! Madison is left in tears and hurling after hearing Chantal’s story.


So, now it’s time to film the premiere.  As the fourteen contestant await the arrival of the suitor.  When the limo opens, all that is inside is Darius’ cell phone.  Quinn is furious when she learns Chet has made off with their suitor!

At Chet’s house, Quinn and Rachel learn that Chet got Brad fired and now he and network president Gary are in cahoots.  Quinn will have to work with Chet because she has the contestants and he has the suitor.

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