4 Questions About Amara via @stacyamiller85 @bigEswallz @GracynGirl #SPN

The epic story arc of Supernatural Season 11 focused on The Darkness aka Amara (Emily Swallow).

Although Amara’s story seems to have concluded with she and her brother God (Rob Benedict) being reunited, some questions remain.

1.        Why did The Darkness need to begin life on earth as a baby?


Mike Schneider’s baby daughter Amara had the Mark of Cain on her tiny body, just like The Darkness. Did The Darkness possess the baby to begin life on Earth from the ground up?  And if so, why did a powerful entity like The Darkness need to start life as a baby?

2.         If The Darkness and God are the beginning of everything as well as brother and sister, do they have parents?


Siblings God and The Darkness are the universe’s answer to light and dark and created everything. But do they have parents? Who created them?

3.          Why did Amara eats souls?



Was eating souls for food, power or both? And is there another reason we don’t know of as to why The Darkness needed to eat souls?

4.      Dean and The Darkness


Throughout the Supernatural Season 11, Amara constantly told Dean that they were bonded.  She mentioned about “joining” with him.  We know that The Darkness was released because of Sam working with Rowena to get the mark off of Dean’s arm. But the Mark of Cain on Dean’s arm was a symbol of their connection.  Was there any other reason The Darkness wanted to connect with Dean?  Was it being of the darkness that he carried inside of him from his guilt?

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