The Darkness of #Supernatural Emily Swallow as Amara via @stacyamiller85 @bigEswallz

It seems as though Sam and Dean Winchester are constantly trying to stop the end of the world, so why should Season 11 be any different?

The Big Bad this season is Amara aka The Darkness, who is the sister of God and has a bone to pick with her brother for locking her away. Talk about sibling rivalry!


Emily Swallow plays Amara and makes the character an alluring nemesis to the Winchesters, in particular Dean. It has been hinted throughout the season that Dean and Amara have an unexplainable bond but it’s any wonder where it will lead.

Even though Swallow has only appeared in a handful of Supernatural episodes, she has made a big impression on the show and with fans, who are curious to find out Amara’s whole story.

Emily Swallow is a welcome addition to the Supernatural. Here’s to seeing where she takes the character the rest of the season.

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