Happy Birthday Emily Swallow via @stacyamiller85 @bigEswallz #Supernatural #HTGAWM @cw_spn @HowToGetAwayABC

In Supernatural Season 11, Sam and Dean Winchester (Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles) battled a new entity that they had released.  It was called The Darkness.

But actress Emily Swallow shined bright as The Darkness.  Known as Amara, she was God’s (Rob Benedict) sister.  She and her brother had epic family issues that threatened to tear the universe apart.  As played by Swallow, viewers could almost sympathize with Amara.  She had felt betrayed by her brother, who had locked her away.  The Darkness wanted God to answer for his actions. Amara wrecked havoc (creating a deadly virus) in order for God to “Hear me.”  Her brother’s appearance during the final episodes of Supernatural allowed for a sibling confrontation.  Fortunately, Dean was able to play a counselor of sorts and God and The Darkness reconciled. Now, they are making up for lost time…somewhere.


After leaving Supernatural, Emily Swallow appeared on the hit ABC drama How To Get Away With Murder as Lisa Cameron, a woman with ties to the murderous Frank.

Emily Swallow has shown that she’s up to the challenge of playing any role she takes to perfection. So on this December 18 your birthday, Emily I wish you continued success and happiness.

Here is a poem by The Nerdy Girl Express poet and writer Tracy Diane Miller:

#HappyBirthdayEmilySwallow You came to us as The Darkness but you gave us light, a birthday poem for @bigEswallz by Tracy Diane Miller

You came to us as The Darkness but you gave us light
Your performances on Supernatural
Your fans you delight
As Amara your are God’s sister
So full of mystery
Destruction and wrath
Became Amara’s vengeful history
But who is Emily
She is a lady of compassion and talent
Infectious in her generous spirit
Giving of laughter and a smile
Her positivity on social media
Brings joy for quite awhile
You came to us as The Darkness
Yet there is no mistake
You fill out hearts with light
With the choices that you make
For a poet who craves the words
A verse so born that longs to be heard
With guidance from my Muse
I will convey
My best wishes to you Emily
On this your birthday

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