@chargeGN Digital Collection Release @ALTERNACOMICS Review from @kleffnotes (@danjury @xmasmoe )

I had been reviewing Charge from Alterna Comics for most of the original run and when I heard that it was releasing on December 29th as a fully collected digital graphic novel I was excited for a chance to talk about this dynamic read again.

Since I did review a majority of the original run of the comic this article itself will be more of a way for you to easily access those. Charge is a series that focuses on the discovery of time travel and what the ramifications of such a discovery would be. The main portion of the series is set in a secluded hotel in 1975, which is where the scientists have discovered time travel is possible. What they never could have expected happens and the future comes powering in. Troops from two militarized corporations suddenly begin appearing  at the hotel in an attempt to gain control of time travel for their respective companies through violent battles and explosive moments. In this new collection you’ll not only get the comics, but some great bonus features. Dan and Chris Jury provide an oral history of how Charge was created and how the comic evolved over time, which includes a look at how the images in the comic were drawn. This history shows details of the story in a new way and is a really detailed look into how a comic is made. You’ll have to check out the collection to find out what happened in issue one and to find out just how everything is connected. Enjoy the timey wimeyness!

Charge #2 Review

Charge #3 Review

Charge #4 Review

Charge #5 Review

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