With Thanks On 1 Year Writing For @thenerdygirlexp via @stacyamiller85 #TheNerdyGirlExpress

Today I celebrate my one year anniversary as a writer with The Nerdy Girl Express.

I am proud to be a part of The Nerdy Girl Express as each person brings a little of themselves to the pieces they write.  At The Nerdy Girl Express, we write what we love for the love of writing.  It doesn’t matter if the subject is current news in entertainment or if it is a “Blast From The Past,” you can guarantee that “Behind The Nerdy Girl,” we’ll write about it.  Some of our features include the fabulous “Fangirl Freakouts” by The Nerdy Girl Express Co-Founder Katherine and NGE Weekly Horoscopes by The Nerdy Girl Express Co-Founder Erin. We recently received praise from a PR Representative regarding an addition of Fangirl Freakouts for its uniqueness.  That’s a testament of what The Nerdy Girl Express tries to convey; we enjoy what we do and if it’s a little different from other sites, that’s okay because all readers are different and may find something that speaks to them through our pieces.

My first article for The Nerdy Girl Express was a review of the iZombie Mid Season Finale episode “The Masked Crusader” last year.  I submitted this piece on December 12, 2015 as a guest writer. A week later, I submitted another piece in which I reviewed an episode of Jane the Virgin. It was with this piece that I was invited by Co-Founder Erin to become a part of The Nerdy Girl Express writing team.  And in 2016, I became Marketing Manager for The Nerdy Girl Express, where in addition to writing, I contact many different entertainment reps in order to obtain interviews for our writers with a variety of talented individuals such as actors, directors, musicians, and authors. It’s an aspect of my job with The Nerdy Girl Express I love.

Thank you Erin, Erica and Katherine for accepting me as a part of The Nerdy Girl Express writing team. With 845 published pieces, I am overwhelmed by the support you have shown me and look forward to the coming year.


Comments? Sound off below. Or tweet @thenerdygirlexp and @stacyamiller85 .


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