Vote Your Favorite TV Series in 2017 via @stacyamiller85 #ThisisUs #Riverdale #Supernatural #TheBoldType

Television viewers were treated to excellent programming touching on a variety of themes in 2017.  Whatever your interests were, you could find something that suit you whether it was on web, cable or network. What was your favorite television series in 2017?

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A Look at Toby #HTGAWM ‘s #CallGirlCreeper via @stacyamiller85 @AustinBasis

In the recent episode of How To Get Away, viewers met Toby Solomon, who Annalise referred to as ‘Call Girl Creeper’. Toby was on trial for the murder of a call girl and had gone through five attorneys prior to Keating accepting the case.  Annalise told her class that it was their job to repair the damage to Toby’s case that the previous representation had botched.

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I haven’t written about the show How to Get Away with Murder much, I wrote a post about my reactions to episodes from season one over on my blog, but that was a while ago. My sister and I binged the first season together about the time that season two started and we’ve been watching the second season about a week behind the air dates. My sister has to watch on the ABC website and episodes don’t get unlocked until a week after they air on telelvision, but this week we cheated and watched the last two episodes on our dvr. If you haven’t watched the finale episode before the winter break DO NOT READ THE REST OF THIS UNLESS YOU WANT TO BE SPOILERED!! Continue reading “WTF HTGAWM!?!?”