I haven’t written about the show How to Get Away with Murder much, I wrote a post about my reactions to episodes from season one over on my blog, but that was a while ago. My sister and I binged the first season together about the time that season two started and we’ve been watching the second season about a week behind the air dates. My sister has to watch on the ABC website and episodes don’t get unlocked until a week after they air on telelvision, but this week we cheated and watched the last two episodes on our dvr. If you haven’t watched the finale episode before the winter break DO NOT READ THE REST OF THIS UNLESS YOU WANT TO BE SPOILERED!!

The entire focus of the last episode of How to Get Away With Murder was who shot Annalise. As I expected we didn’t get to learn who did it until the end of the episode, but so much happened that I was basically on information overload for most of the roughly 45 minutes of episode. I’m assuming you have watched the episode or at least this season if you are reading this article so you know what happened so far and I don’t think I can give you the best recap since I’ve watched the episodes a bit irregularly, I really was just so shocked that I needed to share my reactions with people.

We had seen that Emily Sinclair, the prosecuting attorney, was going to die really early in this season and we finally got to see who had done it and why. I really thought it was Bonnie who killed her, especially with the shot of her on the roof after the body went splat. I was literally shocked to find out that Asher did it. He’s been so separated from the rest of the group that I just thought that he would get to stay at least slightly outside of all of the murder and violence. His dad’s suicide surprised me, but I can understand why it happened. Asher’s mom though made everything worse. He just had crappy parents, you don’t just tell someone you never want to speak to them again. He did look like he was going to snap in the parking garage, but dang that was intense. When he described it later in the episode I was just astonished.

Frank I’ve pretty much decided has to be in the mob or at least super involved in organized crime because he is just way too good at dealing with crazy situations like hiding bodies, killing people, and framing random women with pills and possibly chloroform. Bonnie was hardcore and I had thought she would be the one to pull the trigger, but that was a big misdirect. Once Annalise had a plan for how to cover everything up and frame Catherine, everything went nuts. The entire scene where she was trying to get one of the four students to shoot her was just pure insanity. She kept yelling everything she could to make them angry and force them to pull the trigger. Poor Conner, he was so upset after. I really like Conner, he’s my favorite character in case you were curious. The final thing with Wes not only shooting her, but stopping from killing her only because Annalise knew his real name astonished me. My sister and I thought she might be his mom, but oh my goodness, now we think she killed his mom and made it look like a suicide. I can’t wait for the season to start back up, so many questions, so many theories, I need to know!

I know that was tons of spoilers, but I did warn you that this was a spoilery discussion of the episode. If you want to talk about HTGAWM you can comment below or tweet at us, @thenerdygirlexp, or at me, @kleffnotes. You can also find me on my blog,, and on my kleffnotes YouTube channel.


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