Happy Birthday @AustinBasis via @stacyamiller85 #KingBeastie #HappyBirthdayKingAB #Beasties #SPN #LUX #HTGAWM #Casual

Today is a day of celebration for Beasties everywhere, it is the birthday of King Beastie himself, Austin Basis.

Austin Basis played JT Forbes on The CW’s Beauty and The Beast.  Like JT, Austin Basis is beloved by the Beauty and The Beast fandom aka Beasties for his dedication to his craft and role of JT, his unwavering support of Beauty and The Beast and his interaction with fans, who have dubbed him “King Beastie.”

I first became introduced to Austin Basis from his portrayal of Kenny Spruce in the Season 3 episode of The CW’s Supernatural “Ghostfacers”. I followed his career to his next television role, Math in the critically acclaim (but prematurely cancelled series Life Unexpected).  And in August, 2015, I had the pleasure of interviewing Austin.

Kenny Spruce, the character Austin played on the Supernatural episode “Ghostfacers” was similar to JT in that he used his skill of technology as a cameraman the way Forbes uses his computer skills, to assist his friends. But whereas viewers know JT’s back story of his friendship with Vincent, how Spruce became affiliated with the Ghostfacers was a mystery. I’ve often wondered what JT would have thought about Spruce, would they have been friends?


Austin’s next character, Math on the critically acclaimed but short lived series Life Unexpected in the way he supported his longtime friend Baze in his complicated relationship with Cate. The underlying theme in all Austin Basis’ character is that they put their friends’ happiness ahead of their own.


Basis’ sensitivity is not limited to the characters he plays. He is a kind, caring man as well as a talented writer and artist. Austin Basis conveys his feelings and emotions through his poetry and art.

Although Beauty & the Beast is no longer airing, Austin will forever be JT.  But we loyal fans will continue to follow his career and support him in his projects. (Note: Austin had roles on How to Get Away With Murder on ABC and Casual on Hulu).

So on this September 14 your birthday Austin, I wish you continued success and happiness in your career and life and give my thanks to you for all you’ve done to entertain and support your fans.

Here is a poem from my twin and The Nerdy Girl Express poet Tracy Diane Miller:

#HappyBirthdayAustinBasis #poetry : Of the promise born from a new day, a birthday poem for @AustinBasis by Tracy Diane Miller

In silhouette
There are moments
Shadows lurking in my mind
Of the joy and hope
I’m destined to find
In the still of night
The moon is awake
To discover me
There is no mistake
While the sun now sleeps
And darkness comes to be
It is then that I see
The essence of me
An actor
A poet
I have sent verse away
The real me
A combination of smiles and tears
With much to say
The family man
The friend
Compassion is my art
The real me gives
So much of his heart
What will be my legacy
I ask
To leave this world a better place
Is my desired task
Of the promise born from a new day
Alas I will smile
Grateful that I did things my way

Photos taken from internet; credit given to original sources

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