#BATB JT & Tess: Where Do They Go From Here? via @stacyamiller85 @AustinBasis

Beauty and the Beast Season 4 has kicked into high gear as newlyweds Catherine (Kristin Kreuk) and Vincent (Jay Ryan) are trying to live their lives like any other normal married couple but have contended with beast bounty hunters, hoping to collect the five million dollar bounty on Vincent. Although less dangerous, (but definitely not less stressful) JT (Austin Basis) has faced changes in his idea about his future.

JT spent his professional career gaining knowledge as a college professor. Education and teaching were important to him. When he meets Tess (Nina Lisandrello) and the two of them fall in love and embark on a relationship, JT finally has the life he’s always wanted with a career and a relationship.  But as he becomes a part of Vincent’s beast dangers, JT’s focus changes. His career is less important to him now.  His whole life becomes about helping Vincent.  Yes, he still loves Tess and wants to be with her but not as the professor and the cop.  So, JT turns down tenure.

Meanwhile seeing Catherine and Vincent together, Tess is excited to live with JT since they decided to move in together. This makes JT afraid to tell her that he turned down tenure as he fears Tess will think he doesn’t want to move in with her. When Tess learns the truth that JT turned down tenure, she wonders what this means for their relationship.  It’s obvious she and JT are in different places in their lives. Do they have a future?

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