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“Not many people can brag about crying over a ghost they lost”

Haunting Me by Nikki LeClair achieves an impressive feat. Rather than tread across the familiar ground of the ghost as a supernatural entity to be feared, LeClair allows the ghost to demonstrate human attributes of strength, perseverance, stubbornness and humor. The result is a suspenseful story that is a marvelously addictive page turner.

Phoebe Mercer is a legal assistant at a prestigious law firm. While the aspiring lawyer must deal with the antics of a verbally abusive, maniacal boss, she is determined to be recognized as a hardworking asset to the firm. Her personal life is full of promise as well. Her boyfriend Riley loves her and their future seems set despite the constant interference from his upper crust mother.  However, Phoebe is on the street when a runaway hotdog cart hits her. Recovering in the hospital, she soon finds herself “employed” by Edie Edwards, an overbearing ghost that only she can hear and see. Consequently, Phoebe become embroiled in Edie’s schemes to uncover the truth behind Edie’s death and the mysteries surrounding her will. Phoebe’s life will never be the same.

What I enjoyed most about Haunting Me is the dynamics between Phoebe and Edie.  LeClair must be applauded for crafting a story where one of the central protagonists, a ghost, moves the narrative so effectively. While Edie has ghost traits (e.g. she can move through objects), she isn’t a scary poltergeist. Instead, she is feisty and demanding yet endearing. She is also truthful even if sometimes her assessments come off as insensitive. The reader gets the sense from the outset that Edie really cares about what happens to Phoebe. Edie is a ghost that isn’t afraid to give advice regarding the younger woman’s personal life. There is a wonderful symbiotic relationship between Phoebe and Edie that LeClair has masterfully created through realistic and humorous dialogue. The two women need each. Edie helps Phoebe learn how to trust her instincts and to recognize her potential. Even when things go awry (as they often do for Phoebe), assisting Edie gives Phoebe an unexpected purpose for her life.

The supporting characters are well-developed and essential to the progression of the story. Terrance, Phoebe’s boss, harbors more than a few skeletons in his closet. The seasoned lawyer is totally lacking a moral compass. Further, his connection to Edie sparks the core mystery that is the pivotal plot of the book. In addition, Edie’s nephew Porter is a fascinating character. There is so much potential with this character’s backstory that readers will find intriguing. Further, there is a mystique to Porter and while Edie may not have endorsed some her nephew’s decisions while she was alive, it is clear that she has faith in his ability to make the right decisions when it comes to handling her estate. Edie’s former friend turned nemesis Merida, along with Terrance, are the antagonists of the book. Their actions have far reaching consequences for Phoebe, Edie and Porter.

The pacing is appropriate. LeClair uses foreshadowing to her advantage. At various points in the book, the reader is seduced by several twists and turns. For our protagonists Phoebe and Edie, they are racing against the clock. Will they succeed?

Haunting Me is a riveting mystery accentuated by fascinating characters. I give this book my highest recommendation.

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