Happy Birthday To #HauntingMe Author @NikkiL_Books via @tdmiller820917

There is a perpetual dark cloud hovering over social media and often strangling it with negativity.

But people who are fortunate to know Nikki LeClair benefit from her remedy to fight the malaise: Nikki LeClair is the quintessential storyteller, an author who gives all her heart to the books that she writes.

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@NikkiL_Books Book Review: Haunting Me by Nikki LeClair via @tdmiller820917

“Not many people can brag about crying over a ghost they lost”

Haunting Me by Nikki LeClair achieves an impressive feat. Rather than tread across the familiar ground of the ghost as a supernatural entity to be feared, LeClair allows the ghost to demonstrate human attributes of strength, perseverance, stubbornness and humor. The result is a suspenseful story that is a marvelously addictive page turner.

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