Happy Birthday To #HauntingMe Author @NikkiL_Books via @tdmiller820917

There is a perpetual dark cloud hovering over social media and often strangling it with negativity.

But people who are fortunate to know Nikki LeClair benefit from her remedy to fight the malaise: Nikki LeClair is the quintessential storyteller, an author who gives all her heart to the books that she writes.

And her readers are better because we get to be recipients of Nikki’s talent.

Her books, All Because of You (written under her pen name, Vivian Brooks) and Haunting Me, are determined to conquer the social media malaise. In All Because of You, freelance writer Nelly Morgan’s life is turned upside down when a wedding crasher disrupts her nuptials. This story is probably one of the best interpretations of a theme that maybe we have seen in the past (an interrupted wedding). Nikki doesn’t rely on predictable patterns to tell her tale. Rather, her book is a rich tapestry of humorous, emotional and suspenseful panels in which readers may wrap their hearts.

But it is her Haunting Me series that takes a ghost story and spins it into something that is beautifully poignant and emotionally enduring. Underappreciated legal assistant Phoebe Mercer’s life changes when she is knocked down by a runaway hotdog cart, lands in the hospital and finds herself working for a ghost. The apparition in question is Edie Edwards, a society matron who claims that she was murdered. It isn’t long before Phoebe is engulfed in Edie’s upper crust world of greed and betrayal as she hunts for Edie’s missing will. There are more twists and turns in this book than a stately mansion with hidden passageways.

Readers will be able to continue with Phoebe and Edie’s story when Book 2 in the Haunting Me Series, Locking Up Santa, is released on November 8th.

Today October 11th is Nikki LeClair’s birthday. I extend my best wishes as she celebrates her special day with family and friends.
Here is a birthday poem that I wrote for Nikki LeClair:
#poetry #amwriting The storyteller, a birthday poem for Nikki LeClair by Tracy Diane Miller

The storyteller was born
A gift for words
Of stories so adorn
What mystery is there prowling around her brain
The storyteller
Of tales for readers to gain
A wedding that Fate decided wasn’t meant to be
A memorable ghost that a legal assistant came to see
Nelly Morgan
Guy wasn’t right
For it was a wedding crasher named Ben Mcquire
Who came to delight
Phoebe Mercer
A runaway hotdog cart knocked her down on the street
In the hospital Edie Edwards
A ghost is who Fate let Phoebe meet
The storyteller
With emotion and description so marvelously thread
So engrossed in Haunting Me
An amazing book where curiosity is well fed
The storyteller
How does she know
The perfect words to assign
To let her tales grow
The splendor for readers to find
If I could be like the storyteller
Whose books are her art
Who paints fictional masterpieces
With that brush called her heart
If I could be like the storyteller
With a special legacy
Her characters so real as they came to be
But I am not a storyteller
There are no characters who reside within my mind
There is neither realistic dialogue nor humor to find
Rather my Muse sees verse
As my perfect solution
And I have come to a most grateful conclusion
That a poem is my way to convey
My very best wishes to the storyteller
As she celebrates her birthday

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