BehindTheNerdyGirl: Spartacus on @STARZ via @erinwise82

If you know me then you know that I really dig history, mythology, and the mix of the two. I also enjoy action, blood spurting action. I much rather watch good gladiator show than a love flick. Now don’t get me wrong, I, like most women, enjoy a good love story, but I’d rather my love story be wrapped up in fighting the good fight, you know. 

I’m a little behind with some shows, trying to keep up with others. There’s just so much good TV!

I finally, finally finished Spartacus, every season. Warning: This article may contain foul language (not too bad though). Seriously though, if you’ve watched the series, you understand.

Did I absolutely love Spartacus GOTA? You bet your ass I did. It was just….wow…..amazing. The cast was perfect, I couldn’t imagine any others being better for the parts. I loved the interpretation of the story. It was incredibly fun to watch.


The fight scenes were intense, like watching a live-action comic book on my screen. A weak stomach probably wouldn’t make it through an episode, as every blood splatter is emphasized, as well as every wound inflicted. It’s great. I was cheering along rooting for my “free men” as they slashed and chopped through the Romans, literally causing a sea of blood. So gruesome, so incredibly sick, yet so awesome.


The costumes were magnificent. So elaborate. The sets were absolutely beautiful in design. I was impressed with every detail. Though I did tend to wonder how anyone of those men or women could survive those winters with such small clothing. Maybe cold didn’t bother as much as it does us nowadays…who knows.

Did I mention how awesome the fight scenes are?? 😉


Now let’s not forgot how warriors celebrate…..massive orgies. Sex every where. Not to say couples didn’t do their own private magic mambos. Both equally erotic. It does seem as though all these men and women do is fight, drink, and as they say f**k. They do overuse the big ole F word. I mean, they couldn’t have possibly used it in every sentence, could they? And did they really say c*ck that much? Maybe they were trying to say it as much as they showed it. Yes if you embarrass easy, there may be too much “swinging” in your face. But it all goes with the story, it all goes with accounts of how celebrations were actually done. How life kind of really was back then.

What really gets me, is how involved with these characters I became. Knowing their fates. Knowing how it was gonna end. Yet I was still pulled in deep with these characters, with this story. It’s truly a beautiful feeling.

Spartacus has everything, everything you could want in a show. Gore, blood, guts, fighting, love, drama, sex, boobs, sex, more blood, more fighting.
I definitely recommend this to anyone and everyone. Especially my comic books friends.

Thoughts? Drop comments below or find me on Twitter @erinwise82 or @thenerdygirlexp


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