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One suitor down, repeat one suitor down.”

Darius (BJ Britt) is suffering from back pain from Brandi’s attack last week but besides for Romeo (Gentry White) and Rachel (Shiri Appleby), he’s keeping his condition a secret, afraid that his pro football career will be put in jeopardy if the truth comes out. Romeo is concerned that Darius is risking becoming permanently paralyzed by not having the surgery he needs.  Darius knows his football career will be over with the 18-month recovery time it will take if he has the surgery. And in addition, there’s no guarantee that he will still be able to play even after the surgery. So Darius would rather take his chances without the surgery.

Rachel also manages to convince Darius to stay on Everlasting by telling him that no one will need to know about the problems with his back and that he’s needed surgery for a while. It will look like he recently injured his back helping Yael aka Hot Rachel out of the pool and that Brandi’s attack just made things worse.  Coleman (Michael Rady) tells Rachel that they have to work together as a team so she shares the information about Darius’ condition with him.

Madison (Genevieve Buechner) delivers the sad news to Quinn (Constance Zimmer) that Quinn’s dad died.  Quinn appears emotionless but it is obvious that there are feelings stirring inside of her.  When Madison shares the news with her, Rachel genuinely feels sorry for Quinn and goes to offer her sympathy. “I’m sorry that your dad died.” “Is that what you’re sorry about, not about Gary?” asks Quinn angrily.  She then lays into Rachel for running to the head of the network like a school kid telling on two classmates to the principal. It’s Rachel’s fault that Gary (Christopher Cousins) brought Coleman in as show runner and she won’t forgive (or forget) Rachel’s betrayal. Quinn reminds Rachel that she needs her. “You’ll always crack, Rachel. You’re unstable and ungrateful and you cannot make this show without me.” Rachel’s is more than determined than ever to prove Quinn wrong.

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The show will be filming Darius playing the women in a powder puff football game but how is he going to do this with an injured back?  Well, Rachel has an idea and tells Jay that they could have the other women play while Darius and Tiffany (Kim Matula) serve as commentators from the sidelines.  Rachel adds that Quinn should be happy about the one-on-one time Darius will get with her wifey.

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But Quinn is suspicious about this and she and Chet (Craig Bierko) who is playing Mr. Mom on set with his infant son to“Oh my god, eww. Is that a real baby?”Jay’s (Jeffrey Bower-Chapman) priceless response, realize that Darius is hurt and decide to use it to their advantage.  Their strategy: Darius DOES play in the power puff football game, gets hurt even worse and has to be replaced with a new suitor. Chet is okay abdicating his kingdom to Quinn as long as that ‘little weirdo and dick for brains’ don’t run the show.

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So, Chet gets into a huddle with the women and tells them that the first woman to tackle Darius will win a date with him.  London (Sunita Prasad) is ready to win this, thanks to drinking before the game at Madison’s suggestion.

Darius is enjoying his time with Tiffany when he’s asked to join the game. He insists that he can’t play in his tux.  Suddenly, London charges and slams Darius to the ground!  It’s obvious he’s hurt and in pain.  Quinn smiles from the control room because her plan worked.  It’s just a matter of time before Coleman gets the boot and it’s her show again.

However, Rachel sabotages Quinn’s plan by convincing Darius to get an epidural so no one will realize how much pain he is in.  This is risky because if Darius can’t feel his pain he may do something to injure his back even further.

Meanwhile, Quinn is telling the women that Darius will be leaving shortly on a stretcher and she wants them to cry “As if Taylor Swift asked you to be a part of her girl squad and then changed her mind.”  So with the cameras ready, the women are bawling their eyes out.  But Darius walks out on set as though everything is fine.  He’s ready for his date with London but she’s still drunk and pukes on his shoes! The prince never had to deal with issues like this with Cinderella! When Romeo doesn’t support his decisions, Darius fires him. But Darius does have a tender moment with Ruby in which they are both open and honest with each other.

Chet admits to Quinn that he wants to be with her and promises that things will be different this time.  Just then the police arrive and arrest Chet for kidnapping his son. I guess that reunion with Quinn (if she believes a word he said which is doubtful) will have to wait.

At the elimination ceremony, Darius chooses Ruby, Tiffany, Chantal, Beth Ann, Yael and Jamison. And of course, some no credited guest actors.

Quinn has decided that she’s getting rid of all the garbage people in her life like Rachel and Chet.

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