@SierraNMcCormic & @KatieSarife star in #TwistedSisters via @tdmiller820917 #Supernatural

As Lilith, Sierra N. McCormick took her demonic “shore leave” to New Harmony, Indiana. Lilith possessed the meatsuit of a pretty little girl and soon left destruction in her wake. The babysitter, a grandfather and even Freckles the cat all met with bloody deaths. And of course, Lilith collected on the contract with eldest Winchester brother Dean (Jensen Ackles) sending his soul to Hell.

As Marie, Katie Sarife was the quintessential fangirl writing and directing Supernatural: The Musical, her loving tribute to the Winchester boys (Ackles and Jared Padalecki). In the midst of trying to avoid becoming Calliope’s (the Muse of Epic Poetry) “happy meal” (because eating the author does a Muse’s body good), Marie belted out a tune recognizing Dean’s single man tear, the road so far and carry on wayward son.

Now these talented Supernatural alums form a new sisterhood in their upcoming movie Twisted Sisters. Sarife is Maria while McCormick portrays Sarah, a college freshman who joins Psi Kappa, a popular sorority considered the “queens of campus.” Beneath the guise of sisterhood, Psi Kappa is a hotbed of seduction and possibly murder.

Twisted Sisters is written by Brian McAuley and directed by Devon Downs and Kevin Gage.

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