Would @cwbatb ‘s Cat & Vincent Be Better Off If They’ve Never Met? via @stacyamiller85 #BATB

The most recent episode of Beauty and The Beast “It’s a Wonderful Beast” posed the question of would Catherine and Vincent been better off if they’ve never met.

Vincent made some valid points regarding the dangers Catherine had faced since he came into her life.  He stated that their love has brought her nothing but peril as she’s been shot at many times. Though to be fair Vincent, Catherine is a cop and would have faced the dangers of bullets in her chosen profession.

Would Catherine’s life had been easier if she hadn’t laid eyes on Vincent Keller?  Maybe.  But would it had been happier? Doubtful. With Vincent, Catherine found a love like no other. These two complete each other in a way that’s remarkable.  It’s almost as if they are one person.  Catherine had been searching for happiness and fulfillment in her life. True, she had other relationships prior to meeting Vincent.  But for the most part, she focused on her career.

Vincent had been a doctor and lost his brothers in Afghanistan.  He became a soldier himself as a way to honor them and lessen his pain.  However, due to experiments conducted on him by government agency Muirfield, Vincent became something else.  He became a super human beast.  So besides for his friend JT Forbes, Vincent kept himself hidden in the shadows.

Saving the life of Catherine Chandler changed his own life.  It took him out of the shadows and gave him a reason to fight for his humanity.  Together, Catherine and Vincent faced remarkable odds in their quest to cure him of his beast affliction.  And with all the difficulties, they came out stronger.

Catherine and Vincent are better for having met each other and falling in love.

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