Why You Should Watch @DeadofSummerTV from @kleffnotes

This week Freeform debuted a new series, Dead of Summer. I wasn’t sure exactly what to make of this show from the previews, but I was very interested in seeing what was going down at Camp Stillwater. After the first episode I thought I would share my reasons why I think you should check out this spooky show.

What’s interesting about Dead of Summer is that it is actually set in the 1980’s. I was thinking the show would be set in the present, like the other content on Freeform. Without modern technology there is a different vibe to the terror that the characters are going through. In the pilot episode the camp hasn’t opened yet, but the counselors are spending time together getting ready for the campers to arrive. Our main character Amy is at the camp for a slightly mysterious reason, everyone seems to have some sort of secret at Camp Stillwater, and finds herself plagued by ghostly sightings. Not just that, but she also winds up finding something pretty horrifying at the lake. We got to see what brought Amy to the camp in this episode and I’m hoping that in future episodes we get to see what the other characters have gone through in their pasts. I’m particularly curious about Cricket and Drew.


The show has a very Friday the 13th vibe, but with a more ghostly element. There are seriously ghosts everywhere. We’ve been shown that something terrible took place a little over 100 years before this particular summer. A few of the characters have seen frightening things, including a little girl holding a balloon in the woods, and there has been some bloodshed. The owner of the camp, Deb, seems to be involved in some very creepy business. Possibly satanic creepy business, but we shall see as the series progresses. If you are a fan of slasher films, particularly those made in the 80’s, ghost stories, and teen dramas, like Pretty Little Liars. You can catch up on the series by using the Freeform app, you can even check out the second episode in advance there too.


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