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“For the first time in months, he was where he belonged, and he absorbed every second.”

“He’ll do anything to get to her.”

Project Liberatio by Allison Maruska is the sequel to the marvelous Project Renovatio, a YA novel that explored the possibilities of genetic engineering in altering human DNA. In Project Renovatio, readers met Levin Davis, his siblings and other Project Renovatio (PR) children who found themselves pawns in a far reaching scheme for societal dominance.  Project Liberatio continues the story introducing the reader to new characters and raising the stakes even higher.

The central protagonists in Project Liberatio are siblings Levin and Rana. What I find remarkable about Maruska’s imagination and writing skill is both Levin and Rana emerge as compassionate, natural born leaders. Project Liberatio is about our choices and how these choices impact our lives and the lives of those around us. Each of the core characters wrestle with his or her choice as well as is burdened by the guilt arising from their actions.

Love, family, friends and loyalty are motivators for these characters.  In addition, the desire to fight against threats is not solely a basic survival instinct but it is also fed by the belief in one’s right to the freedom to live his or her life.

Maruska doesn’t disappoint the reader. She is a master at when to rely on foreshadowing to move her story along. The reader senses the foreshadowing, but won’t become bored by the plot because it is far from predictable. Like any sequel (particularly one that is the second book in a promised trilogy), Project Liberatio answers some questions while leaving many unanswered. Just as the characters are curious, the reader is also curious. Such is the mark of a talented writer like Maruska who knows how to leave the reader craving more.

I found myself saddened (just as I had felt when I read Project Renovatio) that the length of these books is relatively short. They are a very quick read. Fortunately, though, because the series is a trilogy, the reader will be grateful knowing that there is more to come in this incredible story.

Project Liberatio is a fictional treasure that will fully involve the reader. In addition to being a highly entertaining work, it is thought-provoking.  This book will appeal to all readers. It is a definite must read this summer.



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