@therealpduffy Patrick Duffy pens #ManFromAtlantis novel via @tdmiller820917

Bobby Ewing had some rough waters navigating the Barnes-Ewing epic feud and dealing with the machinations of his older brother JR. Then, Frank Lambert had to sink or swim after merging his bunch with new wife Carol Foster in Step by Step.

It may not have always been smooth sailing, but actor Patrick Duffy learned a long time ago how to succeed in tough currents. As Mark Harris, the lone survivor of the lost continent of Atlantis in the 1970s show Man From Atlantis, television viewers were fortunate to experience Duffy’s acting talents in an intriguing role.

Now fans of Man From Atlantis are blessed to continue with Mark’s journey. Duffy has penned a novel, Man From Atlantis, that gives a fascinating look at Mark’s history.



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