5 Reasons Why Fans Love @jarpad via @stacyamiller85 #HappyBdayJared

Happy Birthday Jared Padalecki! 

Supernatural fans the world around will be wishing the Sam Winchester actor well wishes on his special day. What is it about Jared Padalecki that has earned him a place in the heart of millions of fans?

I know that any person you ask will have their own reason why they love Jared but here are the 5 Reasons Why I Think Fans Love Jared Padalecki:

5.   Forever the boy next door

Television viewers first fell in love with Jared when he played Dean Forester in Gilmore Girls sixteen years ago. The sweet boy next door that any girl could bring home to mom. Why couldn’t we all had a Dean as a first love? #TeamDean


4.    That  smile

Jared has a smile that lights up a room. Looking at a smiling Jared brings happiness. No lie, I’m looking at it, and I’m happy😃


3.   The sensitivity

Both Jared and Sam are sensitive men. In a world where men are expected to hide their sensitivity in order to appear macho, they have no problem showing it.


2.    A family man

What makes Jared Padalecki attractive (besides for the obvious physical attributes), is that he’s a loving husband and father. Fighting evil may be important to Sam Winchester, but the most important thing to Jared Padalecki is his wife and sons.


1.   Sam Winchester, the best little brother a guy could have 

The biggest draw of Supernatural will always be the deep affection for brothers Sam and Dean Winchester. These brothers love each other more than their own lives. And for Dean, “Sammy” is the best little brother a guy could have. We agree and love Sam too.


The opinions expressed are entirely those of the author. As indicated prior, these are reasons I think why fans love Jared. I look forward to hearing from anyone who wants to share their own reasons.

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