#Corktown @ALTERNACOMICS Review from @kleffnotes

The city of Detroit is a hotbed of supernatural murders in Corktown. This comic comes out in October, but I have a preview review for you all about the deadly dangers you can look forward to.

Torrie, a detective in Detroit, becomes the victim of a murderous vampire and finds herself split in two. Unlike most vampire stories, her body has continued to move around seeking out victims, while her spirit wanders the city as a ghost. She can see everything that her vampiric corpse is doing, but she is powerless to stop it. In this preview she watches as her undead body kills a man and when the police arrive she deals with the ghost they can’t see. Whenever anyone is bitten by a vampire their spirit remains trapped until their body is killed. While Torrie can’t take out the vampire her body has become, she can possess a human vessel and help others who have met a similar fate. She might be fighting alone as a ghost, but her former partner has just learned from the medical examiner that the killer could be a human. As Corktown progresses could we see them teaming up through some sort of ghostly possession? You’ll have to check it out to find out!

page04 (2)

Murder mysteries, vampires, and ghosts are all things that I’m interested in and Corktown provides a new take on a supernatural mystery. I am interested to see if Torrie finds a way to help her former partner figure out just what is hunting the streets of Detroit and if she is able to figure out a way to actually pass on to the afterlife. There is a lot to like about this comic and I will definitely be checking it out in October when the full work is available.

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