@RickSpringfield To Play Lucifer in #Supernatural via @tdmiller820917 #GH

The biblical Noah had his ark as torrential rain washed over the Earth. Actor and singer Rick Springfield was flooded by countless fans as Dr. Noah Drake on General Hospital.

Now Rick Springfield will become Lucifer’s vessel.

Springfield has been tapped for a guest role when The CW’s long running show Supernatural returns for its twelfth season. Executive producers Robert Singer and Andrew Dabb announced at the Supernatural panel held during San Diego Comic-Con that Springfield is slated to become the newest version of Lucifer. Springfield follows in the footsteps of the Devil’s previous vessels: Nick (Mark Pellegrino), Sam Winchester (Jared Padalecki) and Castiel (Misha Collins).

From General Hospital ‘s Noah to Supernatural’s Lucifer, here’s to Rick Springfield having a devilish good time!

Supernatural Season 12 premieres Thursday, October 13th.

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