@PreacherAMC Recap: Finish The Song from @kleffnotes

We’re back in the time of the lone cowboy at the start of this week’s Preacher. This opening picks up right after he finds his wife and daughter dead and has decided to head back to Ratwater.

In the town a man is singing a ballad in the bar, our cowboy walks in and when a child invites him to join the town as they hide from an impending storm, the preacher there applauds the boy. He says that they accept anyone, even The Butcher of Gettysburg himself. That happens to be our cowboy and when he is asked to profess his love for Jesus Christ, which is the only requirement for joining them, he says that he loves his horse, his wife, and his daughter. Then he unfurls a blanket filled with heads, shoots, and orders the singer to continue. As the man sings the cowboy kills everyone in the bar, though he chooses to behead the singer. The piano keeps spinning until the end of the song, that’s the tricky thing about player pianos. The bar is shaking as the storm comes, but the cowboy pours himself a drink.


In present day Annville, Jesse is in the back of the sheriff’s car. He asks where Eugene is and Jesse says that he already told him that he sent the boy to Hell. The sheriff starts telling him that child killers are not well liked in the local prison and that one such killer felt so unwelcome that he jumped repeatedly from his top bunk until he died. The man he knows there then had all the top bunks removed, for justice. He says that Jesse will wish he were in Hell, but as soon as he says that Jesse says he’ll see him on Sunday and rolls out of the car. The sheriff stops, but Jesse is long gone.


DeBlanc and Fiore walk through the rain to Distant Vistas travel agency and the agent tries to sell them a number of vacation plans, but they tell her that they want to go to Hell. She seems surprised, but after covering up her bird and closing the window she asks for their paperwork, but when she notices they aren’t registered so says it will cost extra. They have to make up occupations and she asks for payment up front. She says it doesn’t look like enough and wants to have 20 minutes alone with Fiore in the back. He’s willing, but DeBlanc says no. Even though the agent says she’ll report them, DeBlanc says he’ll report her. After that she prints them out the necessary paperwork. Emily is at Tulip’s and she reveals everything about Cassidy. She tells Emily that she looks like the kind of person who freaks out a lot and tells her not to. The house is full of random animals and Tulip has been throwing them into Cassidy’s room. She needs Emily to take care of him for a little while, but she does say that he isn’t healing correctly after being out in the sun. Tulip says she needs to go kill a man in Albuquerque, which seems like a pretty good reason to get a vampire sitter. She also tells Emily that Jesse can be her boyfriend now, but Emily says that she’s dating the mayor. I feel like this might be news to him.


Jesse’s hiding out under an overpass and after some help from two local homeless people, they gave him a lock pick and some wine and pancakes. It’s been a rough couple of days, Merlot in the morning seems like the best medicine. Back at Tulip’s Emily is holding a very cute guinea pig and Miles calls. He says he can pick up the kids and that he’ll pick up some wine on the way home. Then he says he’s going to stay over and she agrees. Emily really is freaked out by this whole vampire thing. I mean I’m still not over Brewski and I’m not particularly happy that he’s eating a guinea pig. Opossum, totally okay, those things cause traffic accidents, but house pets, for shame ladies, for shame. Emily sees Cassidy in his unhealed state and he totally looks like something out of The Evil Dead.


Fiore and DeBlanc are prepping for their trip and they are trying to figure out what to do. DeBlanc wants to tell Heaven what they did, but Fiore says that they’ll be separated forever if they tell them what happened. They decide to have a coin toss to figure out if they go to Heaven or Hell. When Hell wins at first they both look very upset. On the second toss they get Heaven and are ridiculously excited, until they can’t find their phone to call Heaven. Without the phone they have to go the Hell. It turns out Jesse has the missing phone, but he’s hiding out from the cops. Also that seraph is still being held captive by our angelic men in white, but they are going to leave the tv on for her while they go down to Hell.


At Tulip’s Emily is watching Psycho while holding one of the cute, fluffy vampire meals. She watches the scene unfold on the tv and listens as Norman talks about finding ourselves in traps, but before it ends Cassidy yells out that he’s hungry. She puts down the rabbit and goes to check on him. In Odin’s office a fight club is happening and Miles is there, which seems weird. Emily calls him in a panic because Cassidy got out. He rushes over and as he makes his way into the room, he looks terrified. Suddenly Emily is there and without saying anything she locks the door on him.Cassidy totally hadn’t escaped, Emily is one dedicated snack deliverer. We hear Cassidy loudly begin attacking Miles, poor guy. He just covered up those murders and thought that Odin should get the church, he was trying to help the town.


After Fiore and DeBlanc left the hotel the cleaning women came and found the seraph. They called the sheriff and when he finds the mutilated woman in the bathtub he tells her to hold on. She though begs him to kill her and after an extended pause he removes his hat and begins to choke her. A flash of light happens behind him as she regenerates, but before the sheriff can see her she leaves. Oh goodness, all the town officials are just having bad weeks this week. You didn’t actually kill her, but you can’t know that you poor sheriff.


Fiore and DeBlance meet their shuttle to Hell, but they learn that they can’t bring anything with them. They had their huge trunk and Fiore sadly has to leave his comics behind. I wonder what he reads, Sandman? I could see him reading Sandman. Emily is letting all the animals that Tulip bought free, we saw a little dog run behind the bus and now she’s trying to get a long haired guinea pig to leave a cage. That thing will not survive in the wild, I mean if you can’t take care of it you should probably give it to the hungry vampire.


Emily tells Jesse that his friend is inside and when he makes his way into the house Cassidy tells him to leave. As he gets closer he finds the body of the mayor on the ground and when he states that Cassidy killed the mayor he threatens to kill Jesse. Cassidy is so hurt and angry that he revealed himself to Jesse and the preacher didn’t seem to care. Jesse apologizes and Cassidy does say that he put him out, which is all that really matters. Cassidy asks what he wants to do now and Jesse asks him what he would do if he found out that he had killed the mayor. The burnt vampire says he’d help him get rid of the body and that’s just what they plan to do.


Odin is talking to Donnie and says that he found out that Jesse has run off, but that he knows he’ll be at church on Sunday. Cassidy is getting ready to help Jesse and starts messing with the angel phone. When Jesse says that they need angel hands Cassidy says he can get him some, then starts prepping the mayor’s body. While he’s doing that Jesse calls Tulip and leaves her a very sweet message about m&m pancakes and ends the message by saying it’s just me and you until the end of the world. Tulip is currently in Albuquerque sitting across from a trussed up Carlos. After we hear the entire message she gets up and is holding a meat tenderizer. This meeting is about to get tender and I don’t mean in the romantic way.


We are back in the past at the end of the episode and we watch the cowboy enter his home again, but his wife and daughter are still alive. He goes out to get her medicine again and everything begins happening again.  The lone cowboy is trapped in a time loop. We rewatch a condensed version of his story line happen again and again and again, until Fiore and DeBlanc appear. They offer to let the lone cowboy go free, but he needs to do a job for him. DeBlanc tells him to come with them and he shoots DeBlanc. Then he asks Fiore what they need him to do and it turns out they want him to kill a preacher. Oh Jesse you are in some serious danger, I’m pretty sure he already killed at least one person related to you. In the present Cassidy has brought Jesse to where he buried all the angel parts. Now they have some hands for the phone and a quick and easy place to dump all of the bodies from this week.


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