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Fans won’t mind neither the noise and confusion nor the road so far as they carry on to Australia to see some of their favorite Supernatural stars at Oz Comic Con.

The Supernatural lineup boasts two demons, a hunter and the Father of Murder.

Nicki Aycox originated the role of the demon Meg Masters. She portrayed the character in Season 1, introduced in the episode Scarecrow. Meg was a formidable foe against the Winchesters, before being defeated and sent to Hell in the Season 1 finale Devil’s Trap. Aycox reprised her role in the Season 4 episode Are You There God? It’s Me, Dean Winchester. This time Meg was a spirit who was raised when demon Lilith broke one of the seals that would free Lucifer from his cage in Hell. The veteran actress has since made the successful transition into the music world, releasing her debut EP Red Velvet Room in 2015.



Rachel Miner assumed Meg Masters’ meat suit in the Season 5 premiere episode Sympathy for the Devil. Her talent in delivering a different spin on the character from Aycox’s interpretation endeared her to fans. Her Meg was a devout Lucifer loyalist as illustrated in the episode Abandon All Hope. Later the demon Meg had a surprising dalliance with the angel (and Winchester ally) Castiel and became an integral part of Team Winchester. This time, Meg met her demise at the hands of the King of Hell, Crowley.



The X Files alum Mitch Pileggi portrayed Campbell patriarch, Sam and Dean Winchester’s maternal grandfather Samuel debuting in the Season 4 time travel episode In The Beginning. The character was resurrected from the dead to return in the Season 6 opener Exile On Main Street. Pileggi was chilling as Samuel, betraying his grandsons by working with Crowley. Samuel’s motive: to bring daughter Mary from the dead. Later, Samuel (who was infected by a murderous Khan work in the episode And Then There Were None) was shot and killed by his grandson Sam.



Veteran actor Timothy Omundson thrilled Supernatural fans with his riveting portrayal of Cain, the Father of Murder. The character of Cain was introduced into the Supernatural landscape in the Season 9 episode First Blade. Omundson enjoyed a memorable run on the show. Cain gave elder Winchester brother Dean the Mark of Cain. The Mark of Cain, coupled with the First Blade, were a lethal combination. Like Cain, Dean found it difficult to suppress his desire to kill. Unfortunately for Cain though, he was killed by Dean. After his character ended his Supernatural run, the gifted actor sang his way into viewers’ hearts as King Richard in the delightful ABC comedy Galavant.



These wonderful Supernatural alums are poised to meet and greet a legion of fans at Oz Comic Con in Sydney and Brisbane.

For tickets:


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