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Like so many fans out there, Supernatural has become a part of our lives. We enjoy watching the show, reading about the cast and crew as well as talking with other fans. Everyone has their reasons for starting the show (Mine was because I am a huge Gilmore Girls fan and when I learned Jared Padalecki, who had played Dean Forester, would be in it I knew I would be watching). But no matter who I speak with, the main reason Supernatural is so popular is the brothers’ relationship. Their love and commitment that they would die (and have) for each other.

To find out information for things Supernatural, a lot of us turn to the site Winchester Bros. It is a valuable and ultimate resource for Supernatural news.  The dynamic force behind this site was gracious enough to take the time to answer my questions for The Nerdy Girl Express.  Read the interview below to discover about Winchester Bros and why the show and fandom is so important to them.

Winchester Bros was the first site started in August 2005 for the series Supernatural.  What made you decide to start a website for a television show that hadn’t even premiered yet?

Lisa: “I saw the pilot at San Diego Comic Con in July 2005. I was already a fan of Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki from previous shows they had been on. I was also a huge fan of The X-Files so hearing that David Nutter was involved with the pilot and Kim Manners with episodes after the pilot made me want to see it. Add in “monster of the week” stories and I knew I was going to be hooked. After I saw the pilot, I called my dad and told him that he was going to love the show and everything I loved about it. He had Multiple Myeloma and before he passed away in August 2005, he had suggested that I create a fansite for Supernatural. I was part of and another person from the site, Vicki, and posted about the show and decided to work on a site together.”

Was there any other names you considered for the site before deciding on Winchester Bros?

Lisa: “We thought about going with names that had Supernatural in them but ultimately decided the show was about Sam and Dean Winchester and wanted to go with a name that focused on them. We almost went with Winchester Brothers but decided it was too long.”

What is it about Winchester Bros that you feel has made it such a popular website?

Lisa:  “We had interviews with crew from almost the beginning so I think that helped from the start. We’ve had various staff from the beginning to the present that have contributed so many aspects to the site. I have to give HUGE credit to my current co-staff because they have contributed so much from behind the scenes and in the front of the scenes that not everyone sees. In my opinion they are all the face of the site from twitter to facebook to the podcast to the site itself. That they are able to update so much and do research for the podcast is so amazing.”

Susan:  “Our very first interview for Winchester Radio was in 2008 with Betsy Morris (Screenwriter), David Mackay (Director), and Mark Witsken (Producer) of the film, “Ten Inch Hero,” which of course starred Jensen (and Danneel). It still holds the podcast record for length (2 hours, 45minutes)—we really appreciated them taking the time to talk to us, as then the podcast was still fairly new, the show was in its third season and renewals were still nerve-wracking, waiting-and-wondering events. We had a lot of fun doing that interview, and so did Betsy, David and Mark, and it didn’t hurt we could tell everyone about their movie. They were happy to share Jensen stories, too. When we made future requests for interviews with Supernatural cast and crew, we could offer them as good references for our podcast and how guests are treated: with our respect and appreciation, a policy we still adhere to, 9 years and many interviews later.”

How do you come up with ideas for the website to hold the interest of Supernatural fans?

Lisa: “In the beginning, we got a lot of support and suggestions from people on (who host our site) and we would throw ideas around. Things like the podcast actually started from someone on MediaBlvd suggesting we work with them and do a podcast for Supernatural as part of their station. I knew I wouldn’t be good at a podcast so we started talking to others on MediaBlvd to see if anyone would be interested and Winchester Radio was created in the fall of 2007, with the start of 3rdseason!”

Let’s talk about Winchester Radio and the podcast. How do you decide on the guests to invite on the show?

Susan: “I’ve always been happy that we’ve interviewed both Supernatural’s cast AND crew—I love to hear about acting on the show, getting a perspective on both long time characters and new ones, even if they have guest starred for 1 episode, there are always great stories. But, the behind the scenes information and stories shared with us by the writers, producers, directors, and special effects, among others, are incredible insights into not just the day to day workings of a TV show, but into OUR show, what makes it special and how hard everyone works to put it together—and it’s great to be able to tell them how much they’re appreciated.”

Becky:  “When we hear of a new important character coming on the show, we always try to reach out to them when their first episode airs to see if they would like to chat with us.  Osric talked with us after his first episode in season 7, first instance.”

What is the most challenging thing you’ve found about doing a podcast?

Susan: “Our on air podcast averages about an hour or 2, but that doesn’t count the hours of rewatches, research, etc. that goes into preparation for the episode discussion or interview. It’s fun, but it does take time. Also, it can be a bit of a challenge when a guest responds with very short answers to questions—that hasn’t happened often, though! We try to keep the podcasts fun and easy, like being on the phone with friends, so our guests feel comfortable—we’ve had a few first time podcast guests, and I’m glad to say they ended up saying they had a great time!”

Becky: “There are 2-3 of us on the podcasts and because we’re all in different locations, we don’t get the visual cues for when someone will be speaking so sometimes we accidentally talk over each other or there will be a no one talking.”

 How you feel that Winchester Bros meets the needs of the fandom of Supernatural?

Lisa: “People love hearing updates and news about ALL the cast, crew, and guest stars. We try to be as inclusive as possible. From the fans I’ve met, they want to go to one place to get all the news and they love the podcast not only for the commentary on the show but being able to hear the interviews. There is something special about hearing the voice of the person you are a fan of instead of just reading an interview.”

 Tell us a little about the Winchester Bros website gang.  What do each you like best about Supernatural?

Lisa: “I love the monsters of the week stories and the mythology but what I truly love is seeing the family aspect of the show with two brothers that will do anything for each other.”

Susan: “I’m all about Sam and Dean—the brothers’ relationship, and the fact that despite everything they’ve been through, they are still Big Damn Heroes. The Winchesters are the foundation of the show, everything is built on that and it will always be the most important aspect of Supernatural for me.”

Becky:  “What grabbed me when the pilot aired in 2005 was the music and the brother relationship.  I loved the urban legends as well.  What keeps me going with Supernatural is the brothers and as long as they are around, I will be too.”

When Supernatural eventually ends (hopefully not for a few more seasons), do you plan to continue with Winchester Bros?

Lisa: “I think as long as people want to know about the show, cast, and crew that we would continue.”

Susan: “Sure, as with syndication and other ways of watching the show, Supernatural constantly gets new fans, so it will be nice for them to find us and enjoy the site no matter when.”

Is there anything you like to say to the fans of Winchester Bros?

Lisa: “Thank you for sticking with us all these years and for all the support we’ve been given as a site and as individuals! I’ve met so many amazing people.”

Susan: “Thank you so much for your support. Please remember, we’re fans, too, we do this for the love of Supernatural on our own time and dime, so we appreciate everyone who visits our site and/or listens to the podcast and lets us know that they enjoy it.”

Becky: “Thank you so so much for supporting us and our website.  It really means a lot to us.”

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