Blast From The Past: My Secret Identity via @stacyamiller85 @MrJerryOC #MySecretIdentity

I love Superheroes and television shows and movies about them.  No offense to the Sons and Daughters of Krypton, Superman and Supergirl, but my favorite superheroes are not ones who were born on another planet and have powers due to the environment on Earth, but those who gain them through some fluke like a radioactive spider. Yes, Peter Parker is my absolute favorite superhero!

One of my favorite series about a superhero aired in 1988 and it was called My Secret Identity.  The superhero in question was a normal 14-year-old boy named Andrew Clements, who trips while coming down the lab basement stairs of his scientist friend, Dr. Benjamin Jeffcoate (Derek McGrath) when he is hit by a photon beam and gains superpowers. These superpowers include the ability to levitate, superspeed and invulnerability. Andrew dubs himself Ultraman and excitingly commits to fighting bad guys.

Andrew works with Dr. Jeffcoate but keeps his powers secret from his mom Stephanie (Wanda Cannon) and little sister Erin (Marsha Moreau). The series later adds Andrew’s friend Kirk (Christopher Bolton).

I had been a fan of Jerry O’ Connell from when he starred in the film Stand By Me. 

My Secret Identity was a fun, feel good show that the whole family could enjoy.  It aired for three seasons for a total of 72 episodes  that were 30 minutes from October 9, 1988 to May 25, 1991. It was produced by Scholastic Productions and filmed in Toronto.  I remember watching it every Saturday afternoon and recorded it on videotape when I went out.

When My Secret Identity ended, I followed Jerry O’Connell to his next television project, the Sci Fi series Sliders (look for my upcoming Blast From The Past feature on that coming soon).

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