@Killjoys Recap: Heart-Shaped Box from @kleffnotes

Dutch and Alvis and Dutch? Yeah, that opening was sexy and just a little bit confusing. Kudos to Dutch for being able to make the monk look tres chic, she beats you for best robe work there Alvis.

D’Avin is dealing with the aftermath of his attempt at having fun with Sabine. Johnny is trying to get information about the wall for Pawter, but D’Avin finds him and insists he needs to get upstairs. He was so close, but green goo calls. Sabine has way more secrets than we thought, she’s still alive, but definitely a Level Six. After hearing the words “Sabine in a bag” multiple times I might just use that to mean any time I need to sneak someone out of somewhere. Dutch might not have liked Johnny’s in the bag pun, but seriously this is a very convenient way to nab a Level Six. Sorry it had to happen during sexy times D’Avin. Johnny tracked down the real identity of Sabine and turns out she’s an 89 year old killjoy. She isn’t healing, but they aren’t sure what’s wrong. Allergic reaction is highly likely, but Johnny sends the scans to Pawter, while they chat about the wall. Back in the infirmary Johnny stabs Sabine in the heart and she wakes up. Her immediate response to waking up is bedroom voicing D’Avin and then Dutch knocks her unconscious. When she wakes up she reveals to Dutch that they are soldiers who serve the true purpose of The Rack. Dutch has shocks set up to torture information out of their captive. Sabine says that Khlyen sent her to watch D’Avin in order to protect him from Dutch. When she doesn’t believe her and wants to keep going D’Avin asks to speak to her alone. He thinks she’s taking this way too personally and, even though Dutch wants to defend his honor by punching her in the face parts, he says they need to get a Rack expert. They call up Turin, who has a torturer all lined up for Sabine, his name is Phil. The torture though is something Johnny really likes, it checks the pupils to see if someone is lying. So no actual torture, but they can get all the info they want. Except Phil tries to kill Sabine, which he totally lost his head over. Sabine apologizes for killing her torturer, which confounds Johnny.

johnny and dav


The weapon Phil was going to use to kill her is called a dreadnought and is a special weapon to kill Level Sixes. Turin says he needs to clean house now that the mole has been uncovered and they need to clear out before the Black Root shows up. He says get what they can out of Sabine and then not to be weak, yeah, he wants Dutch to kill her. Sabine says something is wrong with her and that she shouldn’t be emotional after the kill. On Lucy Dutch puts a detonation collar on Sabine and leaves her with D’Avin. She changes out of her bloodstained clothes and tells D’Avin that she was just supposed to watch him, but jokingly says his jawline is to blame for the rest of it. Even though she almost died Sabine says she still had fun the night before. D’Avin touches her ear and she’s still bleeding, and the blood isn’t green. He wants to help her, but Dutch says that they shouldn’t feel sorry for her and that once they get what they want they are done with her. It gets really tense between the two and D’Avin insists that they need to follow the rules of captured enemy combatants. They did a brain scan of Phil’s head and his emotions have been shut down. Sabine’s brain looks almost normal, having sex with D’Avin forced plasma out. Now her brain is reverting back to the previous pattern. Sabine and Dutch are having a heart to heart, well sort of. The two of them are talking about how Sixes are made and the green goo destroys all the emotional bonds you ever had with people. Sabine tells Dutch that she’s on the list because Khlyen broke her in preparation. She says she can identify all the Sixes for her, if they let her go. Johnny goes to pick up a solo warrant from Bellus and tells her not to tell the others, which doesn’t go over well. She locks him inside and tells him that the last time he kept a warrant from Dutch it went poorly. Hm, I mean that warrant was pretty key to the whole plot. Johnny will be going after the person connected to the wall from earlier in the episode. That’ll have to wait though because Sabine and Johnny are going swimming. Well, okay they are sitting in water together and linking minds with plasma so that she can identify Sixes. Sabine can only identify ones she’s seen, but with D’Avin she can use the images from Turin’s files. Instead of seeing names they wind up in a snowy landscape with a big metal cube. Sabine says they need to get inside of it and D’Avin has to force his way through. The problem is that once he focuses on it the two of them go into synaptic overload. Apparently that’s happened to her before. They got a ton of hits though and many of the Sixes are hiding in Old Town. Dutch is worried that she doesn’t trust Sabine because D’Avin does. She asks if she’s too protective of him and Johnny and Johnny says she is, just a little bit.

dutch and dave

They head down to Old Town and leave D’Avin and Sabine on Lucy. Dutch is undercover, which leads to a line about boobs being tactical and squishy. In order to mark the Sixes Dutch has to sneeze on them, Johnny has a crazy gum that messes with her saliva and turns it into a tracking device. Dutch tells Johnny to head back to Lucy and she secretly heads to Sabine’s place to check it out. Johnny dips out too, secret warrant time. Sabine and D’Avin don’t play penis roulette, but she does ask him to distract her. She tells him that she hijacked his brain in order to see her grandfather’s peach farm for the last time. When she reveals that he was her first connection in years, he says that this is just her overacting to the influx of feelings. Even if that is the case she tells him he can’t tell her how to feel because this is the last thing she will ever get to experience. Johnny has found his target and tells her he’ll take her in unless she helps him take down the wall. There are people who worked on a test wall, but they have no idea where the tech came from. That test was a slaughter, she tried to ask what happened to the survivors, but she was thrown into Old Town and told to keep quiet. She does reveal that the controls are in Jelco’s private office. D’Avin and Sabine are spending the night drinking and talking about their first loves, which she is enjoying. She says that when Dutch kills her that she doesn’t want D’Avin to watch. He insists that she won’t kill her, but Sabine says that when she turns back that Dutch won’t stop. Sabine says she wants to matter to someone before she goes and she asks him if he’ll miss her and if she was a good person when it counted. Then she just says lie to me and hugs him. In Sabine’s home Dutch winds up fighting with a Black Root agent, after finding the same weapon he’s holding under our former Six’s bed. Dutch wins with a dreadnought and the Black Root boy is down.

dav and sabine

When Dutch gets back she asks where Johnny is, but D’Avin tells her that he let Sabine go. She yells that she has to go after her because she’s Black Root and totally lied to him. D’Avin says that he put a tracker in her because their team comes first, but that he couldn’t let her die a captive. Dutch hugs him and says that he did the right thing, she’s going to take care of the rest of it. He tells her that Sabine was trying to find something on Leith. Johnny is sneaking around Spring Hill, but he won’t have an out with Lucy taking off with Dutch and D’Avin. He got into the office, but his contact is tied up inside. She warned Jelco he was coming because she panicked. Johnny should be protected because he’s Rack, but Jelco has his men take him out. On Leith Dutch and D’Avin are tracking Sabine, who insists that she just wants to be left alone. She says that Khlyen has safe houses all over The Nine and D’Avin seems to be connected directly with him. Dutch and Sabine fight it out and she reveals that Khlyen is different because he feels for Dutch. He revolted, but none of them can figure out why. Khlyen took everything about her out of the green and she insists that he was always preparing her to become a Six. Then Sabine insists that the reason Dutch stays with the Jacobis is because they feel so deeply. Sabine says that she knows she’s changing back because all she feels is fear and rage. She tells Dutch not to let anyone turn her into what she is and then tells her to kill her. If she doesn’t Sabine says she will track them all down and kill them once she’s changed back. While Dutch and D’Avin are together, Johnny is locked up inside a creepy light prison under Jelco’s watch. Dutch found the reflective cube D’Avin saw in his mind and it immediately lets her in. Inside are weapons and supplies, but also toys and a red box. Dutch says that this safe house was made for her, but she doesn’t know exactly what it all means yet. D’Avin asks if she stayed with Sabine and as she says no we see her body dragged away by people in white coats. Dutch and D’Avin open the red box and she thinks that the name inside is the other her, the one he saw on Arkyn.

d and d hug

Next week might just involve a rescue mission, I for one am really hoping it does. That light prison can’t be healthy for Johnny. Share your Killjoys thoughts with us in the comments or on Twitter, @thenerdygirlexp. You can find me on Twitter, @kleffnotes, on my blog, kleffnotes.wordpress.com, on my kleffnotes YouTube channel, I run The Nerdy Girl Express Snapchat, thenerdygirlexp, and I post recipes on the iZombie Support Group site.

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