Happy Birthday @TheoDevaney via @tdmiller820917 #Supernatural

People from various corners of the world have succumbed to the Pokemon Go frenzy. Where is Pokemon you may ask?

The more important question that I have been wondering: Where is Crowley’s son, Gavin McLeod?

Supernatural fans will recall that in the Season 9 episode “King of the Damned”, Gavin was abducted from the 17th century by Knight of Hell Abbadon and taken to the 21st century to be used as leverage in her power struggle with Crowley. Father and son, who loathed each other in the past, initially had an awkward family reunion. But an addiction to human blood smoothed Crowley’s rough paternal edges while Gavin began warming to the idea of being the Prince of Hell. When we last saw Gavin, he was going to make his way in the modern world. It has been over a year and not a word from Gavin.

Thankfully Gavin’s portrayer, Theo Devaney, has not disappeared from the performance scene. The Supernatural and Psych alum has remained busy with various film and television projects. Still, it would be nice to see Devaney return to Supernatural. His chemistry will Mark Sheppard (Crowley) was wonderful.

Today, August 25th, is Theo Devaney’s birthday. I send my best wishes for him to enjoy his special day with family and friends.


Whispers of the heart, a birthday poem for Theo Devaney
by Tracy Diane Miller

So quiet
To hear whispers of the heart
To cherish the world around you
The perfection of masterful art
The sounds of nature
The variety of people
Each threaded into the Earth in time and place
Each day moving so quickly
Often at a frantic pace
So quiet
To hear whispers of the heart
And to see gratitude at the blessings to come your way
All you need to do
To hear whispers of the heart
The expressions of best wishes on your birthday


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