#RIPGeneWilder Pure Imagination, a poem #InMemoryofGeneWilder via @tdmiller820917

In honor of Gene Wilder, I wrote this new poem:

Pure Imagination, a poem #InMemoryofGeneWilder

Even with the best and most inspirational show
The final curtain will fall
Sadly we bid adieu
To a legendary genius after all
Good night, sweet Prince
From the generations who you gave your best
On the gossamer wings of angels
To Heaven they will take thee
To your eternal rest
A smile from Gilda
No doubt you will likely see
We will miss you here on Earth
For you
Paradise is now the place to be
Willy Wonka talked of pure imagination
And told us that if we wanted to change the world
There was nothing to it
Through your talent
You left this world a much better place
Good night, sweet Prince
We will always remember your style and grace

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