Happy 42nd Anniversary Land of the Lost via @stacyamiller85 @coleman_kathy #WesleyEure


Today is the 42nd Anniversary of the children’s television program Land of the Lost which aired on NBC Saturday mornings from 1974-1976.

Land of the Lost told the story of the Marshall family who while “on a routine expedition” due to an earthquake become trapped in a world lost by time.  They have to use their camping skills to survive in a land inhabitated by dinosaurs, primate like people known as Pakuni and Sleestaks, who were a hybrid lizard/human creatures.

Land of the Lost starred Spencer Milligan, Wesley Eure and Kathy Coleman as the forgotten by time Marshall family, Rick, Will and Holly. Phillip Paley played their adopted Pakuni friend Cha-Ka and Ron Harper join the series in Season 3 as Uncle Jack Marshall. Who could forget the memorable opening theme:

Although the special effects weren’t as advanced, viewers were hooked on seeing how the Marshalls would live with the dangerous threat of the dinosaurs. There was a television remake in the 1990s as well as a feature film but none will never been as endearing to me as the original.

I remember eagerly waking up on Saturday mornings to my mom making waffles so we could have breakfast while watching Land of the Lost.  These are special moments that you remember from your childhood and gives you fond affection for a television show.  Family time was important when I was growing up and watching Land of the Lost was one of the things we did together.

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